LOOK: These 30 Unexpected Super Foods Can Help You Fight Diabetes

30 Super Foods to Fight Diabetes

Diabetes, a disease that comes in different types, is a condition wherein a person has high blood glucose. The person suffering from diabetes is often called as ‘diabetic’.

Do  you know that there are several super foods that can actually help in fighting diabetes? These foods do not come in high prices, they are even easy to find, but their benefits make them worthy to be included in our meals.

Photo lifted from Patients Engage

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of flavonoids, nutrients, which according to research, helps in improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and minimizes its resistance from it.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate (Photo lifted from Smart Cooky)

2. Olive Oil

The olive oil, according to result of the research conducted by fact finders from University of Vienna and Technical University of Munich, is effective in getting a person a feeling of fullness. This oil that is usually preferred over the canola oil aids in reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Olive oil
Olive Oil (Photo lifted from New Health Advisor)

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