30 Ways To Give Old Stuffs Another Purpose, #19 Is Wow!

Usually it is either we keep old stuffs in the stock room or throw them away when we find their appearance or condition not good enough to serve its purpose. But do you know that we can still use them for another purpose? Old piano, ladder, television, and even bike wheel can still be used […]

Simple And Creative Ways To Use Your Unused Kitchen Stuff

We often put kitchen stuff to garbage if they are no longer useful. We think that they are already useless that’s why it’s easy for us to throw it away. That’s actually wrong because you can still reuse them. Knowing how to recycle old things will actually help you lessen your garbage. And in that […]

The Reason Why He Line A Plastic Wrap On The Plate Is So Brilliant!

For sure you are one of those who love to know and to discover amazing lifehacks. We’ll share with you 10 of the most amazing lifehacks we have ever known to make your life even much easier and more convenient. Especially to students, these kinds of lifehacks that we are about to teach you will […]

Learn The Easiest Way To Carry Multiple Mason Jars Using Paracord

Mason jars are already present before they became famous just recently. We can always find them on the grocery stores as a container for storing preserved foods. Often times, we just stuck and leave it everywhere in our house. But do you know that you can make a lot of things using mason jar? You […]

Know How: Genius 7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants

If you find yourself stuck in nature having a picnic, instead of using chemical pesticides that destroy the environment and harm innocent victims, follow our advice! For example, to prevent ants from reaching the surface of the table on which you are eating, place the table legs inside four separate containers filled with water. This way the ants […]

Effective and Cheap Cleaning Kit You Should Keep At Home

A clean home should be maintained too keep your house beautiful and free from unhealthy properties. Most of the time, we conventional cleaners to clean. But do you know that it could be harmful to you since some of them contain unsafe ingredients? If you are worried about your family’s health, here’s a very effective […]

Know The Level Of Your Propane Tank Using This Simple Tip

It is very important to know how to check the level of your propane tank to avoid problems. Well, it’s really frustrating when you are in the middle of your cooking session and the propane suddenly ran out. So, in this video, we are going to teach you how to test the level of propane […]

Cooking Ice Cream Sticks — The Result Is A Fashion Accessory!

If you want some recycling thing, then probably this video below is something you’ve been looking for. Start collecting ice cream sticks now! Not everyone knows that by keeping ice cream sticks and boiling them in wate for 30 minutes they can make something unique and beautiful. Keep ice cream sticks in boiling water for […]

Sneaky Ways To Hide Your Valuables Using Unusual Things

If you want to hide your money, don’t put it in a visible volt. If you want to hide your expensive jewelries, don’t keep it in a jewelry box. Simply because people who have bad intention already knew where you are keeping those stuff. So, to trick them, keep your valuables using unusual things so […]

Here Is A Simple Cake Decoration Technique That Results To A Spectacular Output!

Already given up trying to make a unique and beautiful cake design? Well, I understand if you are lack of experience or even lack in baking or decorating skills. Worry no more because in this video below, we want to boost your morale with this cake decoration tutorial. In this video below, it shows that […]

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