Smelly Shoes – Solutions and Tips For This Smelly Problem

How do you remove odor from smelly shoes? Here are some effective tips.

Smelly shoes are a problem for many and most of the time, it can be annoying. Here are some ways on how to eliminate this smelly problem.

How to stop shoes from smelling?

Smelly Shoes
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First, don’t throw them! It’s just a bad smell, not a bad shoes and there are many ways in solving smelling and annoying problem. This can also be embarrassing, however, where does the smell come from? What causes the smell?

The odor actually comes from body soil and bacteria that is collected in the shoes. Our foot has about 250,000 sweat glands. Sweat doesn’t have a smell but the unventilated and damp situation in our foot is the perfect environment for the bacteria and fungi to grow and thrive. This is is the reason behind the odor.

Here are the ways on how to avoid this:

  • Wear a breathable pair of socks. If you want or intend to have this shoe problem, the easiest way to achieve this is not wearing socks. Socks help lessen the sweat. Wear a clean pair of this everyday.
  • Change the insoles. If your shoes are still in good condition, the cheapest way for it to feel like it’s new again is changing the insoles.
  • Wear other shoes. Make sure that you have an extra pair in your rack.
  • Use moisture-absorbing powder and apply before wearing the footwear.
  • Put some drops of tea tree, clove, and cedarwood essential oils and let this dry. These essential oils have anti-fungal properties.
  • Place your pair under direct sunlight for two to three hours.

Apart from our feet, the body also smells. It is called body odor. There are causes behind this condition but there are also a lot of ways to treat and prevent this.

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