30 Beautiful Photos Of Seals That Proves They Are Actually Ocean Puppies

Seals were considered as the dogs of the sea. They are one of the cutest, most fascinating creatures living in the water. They are known as the puppies of the ocean. BoredPanda has compiled a list of photos that prove Seals are actually ocean puppies 1. Seals Are Actually Ocean Puppies The Cutest! 2. Seals […]

3O Magical World Of Tiny Creatures Captured By A Photographer Based In Indonesia

A nature and macro Photographer shared his beautiful photos on social media that caught the attention of the online community. His name is Tri Setyo Widodo, a photographer based in Indonesia. His beautiful photos of the nature and macro world of tiny creatures were compiled and posted on Boredpanda site. Setyo shared that photography for […]

32 Of The Most Funniest Animal Fails That Will Make You Laugh

The animal kingdom can be a pretty hilarious place if you know where to look.  As animals often have instincts and senses more impressive than ours. They can see farther, smell better, and certain animals can also run faster, jumper higher, and basically do everything better than us. BoredPanda compiled some of the hilarious photos […]

30 Photos Of Chinchillas That Proves They Are One Of The Cutest Animal Species Ever!

Chinchilla has the softest fur compare to other pets, they are very quiet and easy to feed, you will love this cute and adorable pet. They are two species of crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels. BoredPanda compiled a list of photos cute baby chinchillas. They photos proves that they are  […]

30 Stunning Close-Up Photos Of Birds That Went Viral On Social Media!

Lisa M. Ca photographs birds in a closer look. According to Boredpanda, Lisa moved from Germany to Michigan to live with her husband. Lisa noticed that while the weather and seasons are quite similar in both places, the birds are different. She feeds feed the birds outside their house and capture their stunning close-up photos while they are eating. […]

30 Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up

Pets and people share a very special bond when they grow up together. Boredpanda showcases the beautiful then and now photos of animals. They compiled a list of pictures of people and their pets growing up and sometimes growing old together. Because of their shorter lifespans, dogs, cats and other domestic animals tend to grow […]

30 Heartwarming Photos Of Birds Cuddling Together For Warmth

It’s no secret that cuddling makes you feel good when you’re in a new or established relationship. Cuddling for warm is an effective and cute way of fighting the cold weather. Take this photos as an example! Boredpanda compiled photos of birds Cuddling Together For Warmth went viral Birds are warmblooded animals, which means that they […]

30 Photos Of Mythical Beasts: Photograper Captures The Majestic Beauty Of Maine Coons

Photographer Robert Sijka introduce you to Maine Coons – the largest domesticated breed of cats in the world. They’re basically the closest thing to a lynx that you can share your home with, without worrying too much about your well-being. His Photgraphs caught the attention of the world as he showcases the beauty of cats. It has a […]

Jakarta-Based Photo Enthusiast Photographs Frogs To Show Their Interesting World

Every artist has a favorite subject- it might be another person, an animal, a scenery, or something that intensely motivates them to click the shutter. In Jakarta, there is an Indonesian photographer who loves to take photos of frogs. Based on a post in Bored Panda, Tanto Yensen of Indonesia takes pictures of frogs and […]

30 Funniest Photos Of Animal Photobombs You Have Ever Seen

Human photobombers are great, but what’s even better are the animal photobombers.  Here are some proofs that every animal species can master the art of photobombing. Animal photobomb collections first appeared on the internet sometime after 2008, but our list here is definitely the best! From ruined wedding photos to animals photobombing other animals, this collection is […]

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