Dogs With Floppy Ears

Here are the 12 Dogs With Floppy Ears

Dogs With Floppy Ears – Here are the breeds of dogs specifically adored because of their floppy ears that get extra cute when they move around and run.

1. Basset hound – Its long ears even look lengthier because of its long face and short, muscular legs. This breed is known as stellar scent trackers.

2. Beagle – It is bred to hunt, so its ears come in handy when they’re tracking, based on the article in Reader’s Digest.

3. Dachshund – It is a scent hound, so they have a strong nose that goes with its adorably floppy ears.

4. Bloodhound – It is the best dog for sniffing out a missing person.

5. Cocker spaniel – Before it was a sporting dog, but today, it is better known for its silky coat and cuddly personality.

6. Cavalier King Charles spaniel – It has become a popular choice for dog owners because of its floppy ears and fluffy fur, and it is known as an affectionate and loving breed.

dogs with floppy ears

7. Weimaraner – It is known for its scenting skills and it happily runs and plays with its owner.

8. Afghan hound – It is a unique breed with a long, extravagant coat that embellishes its ears to make them look even longer than they are.

9. Saluki – It has long, silky ears that almost look as if it is wearing ponytails.

10. Golden retriever –  It has an inordinate beauty with personalities to match. This breed is known to be outgoing and eager to please.

11. Havanese – This breed is known as a little white, fluffy, poodle-y dog.

12. Setters – It is known as a hunting dog that is native to the United Kingdom and Ireland but it is unclear if its ears gave it any extra scenting abilities.


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