32 Photos Of Little Kids And Their Big Dogs By Andy Seliverstoff

Dogs have been used with children in therapy and have helped children who are developmentally challenged with their nonjudgmental and unquestioning companionship. Owning a dog teaches responsibility and consistency  to the kids. Children have a friend to turn to who they can trust and love, even when their parents are busy and their friends aren’t […]

30 Dogs That Were Photographed For Them To Find Homes, They Really Posed Well!

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Usually, they are considered as the animal closest to their masters as they are lovable and are really great pets. Unfortunately, there are those of them who are still in search for homes that would really treat them like family. The good thing is that there are photographers who […]

Photos of Dogs Capturing Goodies In Mid-Air Will Easily Melt Your Hearts

Dogs are among the most loved pets in the world. Many people prefer them for their loyalty, sweetness, and playfulness. Most dogs love having interactions with people no wonder they are being brought in parks or even in homes. This is what a German photographer named Christian Vieler did when he captured photos of dogs […]

You Shouldn’t Give Dogs Chocolate No Matter What – Here’s The Shocking Reason

Many people just have a pet at home. Most of them would have a dog, right? Dogs are really amazing pets. That’s why they are given much care, love, and attention. We feed them right with healthy food. In short, we’re treating them just like us, humans. But, not all the food that we can […]

VIRAL NOW: Dog Found An Abandoned Baby… What It Did Next Will Definitely Shock You

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, most of us have our pet dogs at home. They are they ones who care about us in time of Trouble. Have you ever encountered or seen any dog did something great to any human? If you love reading or hearing any of these stories, here’s […]

7 Photos Of Dogs With Their Cute Mini-Mes That Will Surely Make Your Heart Melt.

Cute cuddly and a Man’s best friend. These cute and adorable puppies has all it takes to make you smile since it’s loaded with cuteness. This picture of mini me’s is actually the cutest thing I’ve seen ever. And it actually made my day. Some are new born puppies already knows how to strike a […]

For Dog Lovers Out There : An Easy Idea On How To Enjoy With Your Dog More

Most of the people would have loved a dog before or even still at present. It is said that dogs are “Man’s best friend”. Our dogs used to guard our home from intruders when we’re gone outside. Scientifically, experts say that pet-lovers have a better chance of releasing stress. Indeed, we enjoy playing with our […]

These Dogs Lining Up For Their Food Are More Patient Than You

Be patient. All good things come to those who wait” as they say. Well, it’s true. You don’t need to rush things because things happen for the right time with the right purpose. If you don’t know how to wait, you don’t deserve what people might give. Follow what these dogs are doing- remarkable patience […]

Watch The Dog On The Right When Mom Asks Them “Who Pooped In The Kitchen?”

Nobody’s perfect. We humans do something we’re out of control- mistakes that we are sometimes guilty of but if not, we wish to avoid getting caught from it yet time allows fate to discover and we get our penalty. Animals can feel the same thing (unlike you know) just like how these dog adorable dogs, […]

See What This Adorable Dog Did After Realizing She’s Eating Separately From The Other Dog

Earthlings can’t survive doing things all alone by himself. “No man is an island” quote is indeed true since there’s a mutual relationship exists between two creatures. One cannot live alone because it would make them feel lonely and fall in despair. There are lot of situations that can tell we can’t do things alone […]

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