Dogs With Floppy Ears

dogs with floppy ears

Here are the 12 Dogs With Floppy Ears Dogs With Floppy Ears – Here are the breeds of dogs specifically adored because of their floppy ears that get extra cute when they move around and run. 1. Basset hound – Its long ears even look lengthier because of its long face and short, muscular legs. … Read more

Pit Bull Bad Reputation: What’s The Reason Behind This?

pit bull

Pit Bull Bad Reputation came from misconception Pit Bull Bad Reputation – Dogs are considered man’s best friend but at some point, this did not apply to “pit bulls” as they were hated somehow. “Pit Bull” is not actually a dog breed. Treehugger explained that although there is APBT [American Pit Bull Terrier], they are … Read more

Dogs Chasing Cars: What’s The Explanation Behind This?

dogs chasing cars

Here’s the explanation about dogs chasing cars Dogs Chasing Cars – There is a sound reason why your dog would suddenly just chase a moving car and how to stop this from happening. Dogs are among the domesticated animals that have been a part of many humans’ lives. However, despite the longtime togetherness, there are … Read more

Are Dogs And Cats Mortal Enemies? Experts Explain Truth

dogs and cats

Why it is perceived that dogs and cats hate each other? One common perception that many people have is that dogs and cats are mortal enemies and there have been depictions in various fields. There is a common phrase “They’re fighting like cats and dogs.” It is used to describe siblings and co-workers who are … Read more

32 Photos Of Little Kids And Their Big Dogs By Andy Seliverstoff

32 Photos Of Little Kids And Their Big Dogs By Andy Seliverstoff

Dogs have been used with children in therapy and have helped children who are developmentally challenged with their nonjudgmental and unquestioning companionship. Owning a dog teaches responsibility and consistency  to the kids. Children have a friend to turn to who they can trust and love, even when their parents are busy and their friends aren’t … Read more