Pit Bull Bad Reputation: What’s The Reason Behind This?

Pit Bull Bad Reputation came from misconception

Pit Bull Bad Reputation – Dogs are considered man’s best friend but at some point, this did not apply to “pit bulls” as they were hated somehow.

“Pit Bull” is not actually a dog breed. Treehugger explained that although there is APBT [American Pit Bull Terrier], they are in fact mutts and just labeled “pit bulls” because of their appearance. Media played a major role in mislabelling the dogs and this is already stuck in people’s minds all over the world.

News headlines about pit bulls attacking children put a scary label on these dogs. However, based on records, it is the chihuahuas that have the highest bite rate of any breed.

Pit Bull Bad Reputation

Some landlords specifically do not allow pit bulls on their properties. “The media plays a massive part in the spreading misinformation and mislabelling of dogs and it continues to cost them their lives. It’s embarrassing and shameful at this point,” founder of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, Rebecca Corry said.

She said that myths about pit bulls are still lingering and though she hoped this has changed, still people are not open to having this kind of dog. For her, the reason why the media would always report incidents involving pit bulls is because they wanted views.

Corry pointed out that it is good to be educated and educate others, as well. “So many are dying in shelters and being mistreated and abandoned. If you love dogs, fight for these dogs any way you can,” she said.

She said that pit bulls are born inherently good. For Corry, dog lovers should also do their part and change other people’s perspectives about dogs, especially the misconceptions about pit bulls.

She said that a person should adopt a dog for life because these animals are not disposable and when you don’t like it anymore, you will just let go. She also recommended having positive reinforcement trainers when training a dog. “And always know your dog will be blamed and accused before any other dog,” she added.

Meanwhile, you should also know the reason why your dog is barking at nothing.

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