Disney Code Words

disney code words

Here are the semi-secret Disney Code Words Disney Code Words – Disneyland, “the most magical place on Earth,” has these code words used by people who make sure everything runs smoothly. It is many children’s dream to spend time in the most popular amusement park in the world. Not just kids, but there are also … Read more

Disney Movies & TV Shows Have These Weird Things In Them

disney movies tv shows

Disney movies and TV shows are enjoyed by a wide range of audience Did you know that there are weird things that can be seen in your favorite Disney movies and television shows? Disney is a highly acclaimed production company that is behind hit movies and TV series that are well-loved by many people. The … Read more

Plants Poisonous For Dogs: What Are These?

plants poisonous for dogs

Here are the Plants Poisonous For Dogs Plants Poisonous For Dogs – What are the plants that can harm your dogs because they can be poisonous for your pets? Plants are being used as decoration outside and inside the house. They have different purposes also like insect repellants, aside from making her home more beautiful … Read more

Facts About Deer

facts about deer

Here are the fun facts about deer Facts About Deer – The most common specie of this animal is White-tailed deer or the Odocoileus virginianus and it belongs to same animal family (Cervidae) as moose, elk, and reindeer. There are about 30 million white-tailed deer live in the United States alone and Texas has the largest number … Read more

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Facts About This Disney Movie

the hunchback of notre dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame has these amazing facts The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was released in 1996, is one of the classic animated films presented by Disney. Here are some of the amazing facts about this animated musical movie. Frollo’s job was changed  Based on the article in Mental Floss, in the original … Read more

Cat Purring: What Does It Mean When Your Cat Makes This Sound

cat purring

What are the reasons behind the cat purring? Cat Purring – That soft rumble emanating from your feline is called purr and there are seven reasons behind this. Susan Whittred, DVM, a veterinarian in Oyster Bay, New York, said that purring is how a cat communicates. Through this, your pet is expressing its emotion. Although … Read more

The Blue Marble: Who Took This Famous Earth’s Photo?

the blue marble

Who took the famous The Blue Marble photo? The Blue Marble is the most famous photo of the entire features of the Earth but it is unknown to the public who really took this image. It featured swirling clouds over the south polar ice cap and a breathtaking view of Africa and it looked like … Read more