Reason Behind Blushing: Why Your Face Turns Red

reason behind blushing

Here’s the reason behind blushing Reason Behind Blushing – Why does your face turn red when you are shy, feeling embarrassed, or if you are in a shameful situation? When you blush, it is the uncontrollable and unexpected reaction of your body to a certain situation. Gary Small, MD, chair of psychiatry at the Hackensack … Read more

Wedding Traditions With Bizarre Origins

wedding traditions

Here are the origins of some wedding traditions Wedding traditions have been observed all over the world but have you ever wondered how these traditions started? One of these most popular traditions is the white wedding dress for the bride. Different cultures have different interpretations of this. For some, it represents the bride’s purity as … Read more

Valentine’s Day: Why Rose Became This Occasion’s Most Common Flower

valentine's day red roses

Roses have become a symbol of Valentine’s Day The Valentine’s Day celebration often comes with roses, especially the red ones, and here is the reason why this flower became the most popular during this occasion. On different occasions, different items or symbols are associated with them. Just like during Thanksgiving, turkey is a staple meal … Read more

Champagne Facts: Things You Need To Know About This Bubbly Drink

champagne facts

Here are the Champagne Facts that are worth-knowing Champagne Facts – The “bubbly” drink has been part of many occasions and momentous events all over the world. This beverage has accompanied people during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and many more. For some people, this has become their favorite drink during parties and events. Based on … Read more

New Year’s Kiss: The Story Behind This Tradition

new year's kiss

What’s the story behind the New Year’s Eve Kiss? New Year’s Kiss – Many people believe that kissing someone on New Year’s Eve has a significant meaning. All over the world, people observe different traditions during the holiday season until the new year comes. One of the traditions that many people do is kissing when … Read more

Dogs Chasing Cars: What’s The Explanation Behind This?

dogs chasing cars

Here’s the explanation about dogs chasing cars Dogs Chasing Cars – There is a sound reason why your dog would suddenly just chase a moving car and how to stop this from happening. Dogs are among the domesticated animals that have been a part of many humans’ lives. However, despite the longtime togetherness, there are … Read more

Chinese New Year/New Year’s Eve Bad Luck Foods

chinese new year bad luck foods 1

Whether it is the New Year’s Eve celebration or Chinese New Year, these foods are considered bad luck Certain beliefs and traditions are being practiced during the Chinese New Year and the celebration of New Year’s Eve around the world, and one essential thing is food. Just like many different celebrations, the New Year – … Read more