The Blue Marble: Who Took This Famous Earth’s Photo?

the blue marble

Who took the famous The Blue Marble photo? The Blue Marble is the most famous photo of the entire features of the Earth but it is unknown to the public who really took this image. It featured swirling clouds over the south polar ice cap and a breathtaking view of Africa and it looked like … Read more

Einstein Tongue Photo: Story Behind This Iconic Wacky Image

einstein tongue out photo

Here’s the story behind the Einstein Tongue Photo Einstein Tongue Photo – This image of Albert Einstein showing his tongue has become the subject of many memes nowadays. The genius is known for his theory of special relativity, a person with a very high IQ, and someone who is admired until now for his intellectual … Read more

Common Words You Probably Mispronouncing

common words mispronounced

Here are some common words that people often mispronounce There are common words that people probably have no idea that they are mispronouncing and here are some of them. The English language can be complex. Some words with the same spelling can be pronounced differently, depending on the meaning or the intention of using them. … Read more

Olympic Sports Slang Terms

olympic sports

Here are the slang terms used for Olympic Sports Olympic Sports – The biggest sports event in the whole world which is participated by different countries and slang terms are being used in sports categories. Here are the slang terms in the Olympics, based on the article in Mental Floss. Bingo (Diving) – It is … Read more

Is Solar Eclipse Safe For Your Pets?

solar eclipse pets

Should you keep your pets inside your house during solar eclipse? A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that often catches people’s attention but some believe that this might have a different effect on animals. It is common knowledge among humans that it is dangerous to stare at the sun and it is also the same … Read more

Hamburger: How This Food Got Its Name


This is how hamburger got its name Hamburger is one of the most popular foods all over the world and a famous item on fast-food menu list as well. Based on the definition from The Oxford Dictionary, this food is a backyard “barbecue staple as “a flat, round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled … Read more

Dogs With Floppy Ears

dogs with floppy ears

Here are the 12 Dogs With Floppy Ears Dogs With Floppy Ears – Here are the breeds of dogs specifically adored because of their floppy ears that get extra cute when they move around and run. 1. Basset hound – Its long ears even look lengthier because of its long face and short, muscular legs. … Read more

Coffee: Who Invented This Popular Beverage?


How did coffee start? Coffee is indeed one of the, if not the most popular, beverages all over the world but have you wondered who invented this? This beverage has become a part of many people’s lives, especially in the morning. It is a routine for many people to have a hot cup of joe. … Read more

Pit Bull Bad Reputation: What’s The Reason Behind This?

pit bull

Pit Bull Bad Reputation came from misconception Pit Bull Bad Reputation – Dogs are considered man’s best friend but at some point, this did not apply to “pit bulls” as they were hated somehow. “Pit Bull” is not actually a dog breed. Treehugger explained that although there is APBT [American Pit Bull Terrier], they are … Read more