Disney Code Words

Here are the semi-secret Disney Code Words

Disney Code Words – Disneyland, “the most magical place on Earth,” has these code words used by people who make sure everything runs smoothly.

It is many children’s dream to spend time in the most popular amusement park in the world. Not just kids, but there are also adults who enjoy visiting this place. With the land area that this place occupies and the amenities it offers, it needs many people to create a magical experience.

Based on the article in Mental Floss, people working in Disneyland use certain code words that are unknown to visitors. However, these are now being revealed.

disney code words
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Code 101

This means that the ride you’re waiting for is about to close for some reason. Code 102 is good news because it means that a ride is about to reopen.

Signal 70

This code is used in the part and even in the Disney cruise when there is a child who is lost or can’t find their parents.

Treasured guest

Do not think that this is for the “very important person” because this code is used for someone who is acting up or misbehaving. They just used the overly affectionate yet diplomatic term for the guest who will challenge their ability to handle a situation.


This term is also used for a problematic guest but specifically for a shoplifter.

Protein spill or code V

With all the fun rides, sometimes unexpected things happen. This code is used for vomit.

Code alpha or alpha unit

When an ambulance is needed, you can hear this code.

White powder alert

This code is used if a guest brings human ashes to be scattered in the park.

Code H

H stands for “honey” which is connected to the character “Winnie the Pooh”. This code is used for “pooh” without the “h” or “human waste.”

Code Winnie

This is only used on Disney cruises. Connected to pantless Winnie the Pooh and his color yellow, this code means that someone urinated in the pool.

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