Hermes Kelly Bags – Iconic Style and Elegance

Some things to know about the Hermes Kelly Bags, a symbol of timeless style and quality.

HERMES KELLY BAGS – The background of this bag is closely intertwined with the evolution of the luxury brand and here’s a brief history.

When it comes to luxury, Hermes brand is surely among those on the top of the list. When it comes to bags, they have these items that symbolize timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and exclusivity. 

One of them is the Hermes Birkin Bags. But apart from this, another bag from this brand is also known and seen carried by some of the wealthiest personalities in the world and that is the Kelly bags.

Hermes Kelly Bags

The history of Kelly can be traced back to the 1852 on the release of the Haut à Courroies (HAC) bag. HAC was created to hold saddles for equestrians but during the 1930s, this was transformed to Sac à Dépêches.

Kelly is designed by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Hermès CEO Émile Hermès. Kelly became widely popular when Grace Kelly used the one she owns to hide her pregnancy. This is how the name of the bag was coined. Since 1977, it is called Kelly.

Originally, it has a trapezoidal design with two triangular gussets, a cutout flap, a handle, and two side straps. At present time, it has optional shoulder strap which improved its functionality. This also inspired to create other items such as the Kelly wallet, the Kelly belt, the Kelly watch, and several clutches and smaller leather goods.

Himalaya Kelly bags are, not surprisingly, the most expensive among the Kellys. A Hermès Kelly 28 Himalaya with Diamonds sold for $425,000 in 2023 while the second one a Kelly 25 Himalaya sold in Paris for 352,800 Euro.

There was also the limited edition Hermès Kelly 32 Feather So Black. This was introduced in 2010 and a piece was sold for $264,000 in 2023 designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier when he was still the creative director.

Trendy items come and go but a few have stood the test of time but among those who are consistent in doing this is Hermes. They have perfected the art of making pieces that will last a lifetime in terms of quality and design.

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