Hermes Birkin Bags – Why Are They Expensive?

Why are Hermes Birkin bags expensive? What are the influences?

HERMES BIRKIN BAGS – These are the different influences and reasons why this particular item carries whopping price tags.

We have seen them in movies, carried by wealthy personalities, in the closet of A-listers, and in some documentaries. Birkin is truly one of the highly coveted items in the past years up until now. This iconic handbag is created by the French luxury fashion house Hermes and currently one of the most expensive ones in the market.

This bag is a symbol for its timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Among its distinct characteristics include sophisticated silhouette and sturdy structure. It has a top-handle design, a fold-over flap closure with turn-lock mechanism, and metal hardware.

Hermes Birkin Bags

What is so special about the Birkin bag?

Accordingly, this was born after Executive Chairman of Hermès (1978-2006) Jean-Louis Dumas and British actress Jane Birkin hopped of on the same flight in 1984 from Paris to London. The actress was sitting next to Dumas and she was complaining about not finding a bag suitable for a young mom like herself.

At present time, what sets it apart from the others is its reputation for scarcity and limited availability. This bag is highly exclusive and tough to be obtained. They are made to order and when one is spotted with this bag, he or she is seen carrying not just an expensive item but a prestigious one with significant fashion investment. It is one of the luxury bags good for investment as they fetch a high price in the resale market. These bags have an increasing value.

This is a prized item for collectors, fashion enthusiasts, and luxury connoisseurs.

Reasons for its high prices are:

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship. This is made and crafted by expert artisans.
  2. Fine Materials. They go beyond when it comes to the materials used which include calf, alligator, and ostrich – all of which are known for their beauty, durability, and rarity.
  3. Limited Production and Scarcity. The production is intentionally limited maintaining its exclusivity and rarity. Quantity control and high demand result in high market prices.
  4. Timeless Design and Iconic Status. They represent luxury and sophistication and adding to the allure is its association with wealth, style, and status.

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