Recurring Dreams – Why Do This Happen?

Recurring Dreams

Why do we have recurring dreams and why they happen? Recurring dreams are repeating dreams and here are some of the meanings behind this type of dream that most of us experience. Experts are still trying to unravel the mystery of dreams. It is still uncertain what causes this and where these images and scenarios … Read more

Mother Dies In Dream – Here Are The Different Interpretations

Mother Dies In Dream

What does it mean if your mother dies in dream? These are the different meanings. MOTHER DIES IN DREAM – These are the different meanings and interpretations if you dream about your mother’s death. Among the most common dreams we have is about death. We dream about dead bodies which are scary and may even provide … Read more

Dream About Getting Lost – What Does This Mean?

Dream About Getting Lost

What does a dream about getting lost mean? Here are some details. DREAM ABOUT GETTING LOST – This kind of dream can make you feel trapped, isolated, or confused and these are the different interpretations. One of the most common dreams we have is getting lost which causes us to feel trapped, isolated, or confused. Dreams, as … Read more

Bangungot: Causes and The Science Behind This


What is bangungot? Why do people experience this? BANGUNGOT – A common belief in the Philippines is to not eat when your stomach is full and this is because of a superstition. What is bangungot? This is actually not exclusive to the Philippines. It also happens in other countries but is called on different names. It … Read more

What Causes Nightmares and Other Details

What Causes Nightmares

Do you also wonder what causes nightmares? Here are some things to know. WHAT CAUSES NIGHTMARE come in variety of reasons and situation and almost everyone has this from time to time and here are some more details. A dream is a series of events that happen during sleep but it’s called a nightmare if … Read more

Dream About Dead Bodies and Their Interpretations

Dream About Dead Bodies

The different situations when you dream about dead bodies and what they mean. DREAM ABOUT DEAD BODIES – The different scenarios of this kind of dream and the interpretation of each scenario. There are different types of dreams. The five types are: One of the most common dreams we tend to have is the one … Read more

Fever Dream Meaning – What Is The Meaning Of This?

Fever Dream

What is the fever dream meaning and what is this this trying to tell you about your body? FEVER DREAM MEANING – Dream is the mystery of sleep and if we get this particular type of dream, this is what it means. In the series of events that occurs when we are adrift to sleep, … Read more

Falling Dream Meaning – The Different Interpretations

Falling Dream Meaning

What is the falling dream meaning? What does it mean? FALLING DREAM MEANING – Why do we dream about falling down in a seeming endless and pitch-dark pit? Find out the interpretations below! Falling dreams are quite common and probably, almost everyone has dreamed about this. It can easily be linked to a lot of things … Read more

Types Of Dreams – What Are These?

Types Of Dream

Here are the different types of dreams you might want to know. TYPES OF DREAMS – The thoughts, events, or emotions we have during sleep is a dream and they’re quite odd but here are its different types. Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis has considered dreaming as an expression of repressed conflicts … Read more