Louis Vuitton Bag – Why It’s Worth Your Money

What makes a Louis Vuitton bag expensive?

LOUIS VUITTON BAG – It’s a bit hard to justify splurging on luxury items but these are the reasons that tell why a bag from this brand is worth every penny.

We definitely get it that high quality makes the difference and is absolutely worth a higher price. However, not all of us have the unlimited access to money just like fewer ones from the top society. Many of us are still having a hard time to justify why a purchase from a luxury brand must be done.

One of the luxury bag brands we know is Louis Vuitton and some say that a purchase from this brand is much like an investment.

Louis Vuitton Bag

What makes this brand expensive? What are the reasons why it’s worth it to buy from this iconic and luxury brand?

  1. Authentic LV bags are handmade from experienced craftsmen with materials used only the finest and of highest quality. All of its bag is made with great craftmanship with utility, quality, and design can stand the test of time.
  2. No LV items are put on discount.
  3. The styles are timeless, the designs are iconic, and the quality is impeccable. They use leather that improves with age.
  4. Vintage LV handbags are considered collectables.
  5. The production is limited and scarcity creates exclusivity making their bags highly sought after.
  6. The brand is committed in innovation beyond aesthetics, designs that are fresh and enticing, and enhanced functionality.
  7. The brand is a symbol associated with luxury, success, and affluence.
  8. A great investment as they are one of a few luxury brands that hold their value well over time.
  9. A rare and unique model can have an increasing value.

Which LV bag should you buy?

Some of the models worth investing on are:

  1. Neverfull Tote
  2. Pochette Accessoires
  3. Felicie Pochette
  4. OnTheGo Tote
  5. Speedy Bandouliere Bag

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