What Come Around, Goes Around: This Is Really Funny!

For student’s this is typical game to fool around. Yes, students’ usually do it for the sake of fun, yet just make sure that you can’t be caught or else you will suffer like him. What she did in return is extremely hilarious. As the famous Karma theme, what comes around goes around so beware […]

Keep A Coca-Cola Bottle In Your Kitchen For It Can Save Your Entire House

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two of the biggest beverage companies in the world. While they are often tagged as “unhealthy drink,” some people have actually found a way to use it in a more important way. Do you know that you can use these drinks in times of emergency? Yes, a bottle of Coca-Cola or […]

You’ll Be Surprised How This Epic Scene Was Shot. Impressive Team Working Behind.

In the film industry, it is very essential that the producers and directors will achieve the visual contributions in the output. To be visually stunning, more the cinematography, the film should also have the visual impact through graphics. Films like showing the life and the story of the superheroes are definitely hard to finish most […]

This Espresso Being Poured From A Machine Will Give You Weird Satisfaction

There are really things that gives us a satisfaction feeling although it may seem weird for others. Just like watching videos, some clips are really mesmerizing and satisfying. We even get hooked to them. One example is this video. In this video, you will see an espresso being poured from a machine. Nothing is really […]

That’s No Spiderman… But Watch What He Is Doing Up There.

Spiderman is a legendary character who we usually see in comics and superhero movies. We have been inspired by his heroic deed especially by his special ability of jumping from one building to another or by his power to scale anything. Unfortunately, no one can be like spiderman. And if there would be, then one […]

This Town in Canada is Seemingly in Apocalypse As Huge Fire Takes Over.

As inferno rages in this town in Canada, wall of fire and smoke have risen into the skies of Fort McMurray, the inferno swallowing the parts of the city. Authorities have already ordered the evacuation of the residents while the state of emergency across the province was declared in the same day. Since Sunday, the […]

Street Performer Shows Off Amazing Slinky Skills. Just Impressive.

If you think slinky is just for kids to play with when they are bored, you are definitely wrong. In fact, this amazing toy is also for adults but most especially for those who would want to get extra money from it. You read it right. This guy is fond at playing at his slinky, […]

This Man Spent 18 Hours To Stack 10,000 Cups- Unbelievable

When you have 10,000 cups, what will you do to them? For sure, you will just keep them and use it every time there are parties and celebration. But, this man does something unusual to them. He spent his 18 hours to stack these 10,ooo cups, creating abstract patterns and figures inside his home. It […]

Viral Now: Jollibee Dances To “Worth It” And It’s So Entertaining

Jollibee is now one of the most popular fast food chains, especially in the Philippines. And, the Jollibee experience will not be completed if you don’t see its mascot dancing. Everyone enjoy it, especially kids. Jollibee can dance to a lot of songs and that also includes Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It.” It may not be […]

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