Simple And Creative Ways To Use Your Unused Kitchen Stuff

We often put kitchen stuff to garbage if they are no longer useful. We think that they are already useless that’s why it’s easy for us to throw it away. That’s actually wrong because you can still reuse them. Knowing how to recycle old things will actually help you lessen your garbage. And in that … Read more

Unique Party Themes You Can Always Do On Your Own

Throwing a party is easy, but choosing a unique theme may took a lot of time. With so many party themes, you wanted to be different and you wanted to be unique as much as possible. Stop choosing colors or fictional characters as the theme because there are so much more. Here, we will show … Read more

This Rock Version Of “Tatlong Bibe” Will Amuse Every Filipino

“Tatlong Bibe” is a popular Filipino song usually used as a nursery rhyme. Teachers allow their young students to sing this song to make their class lively. ┬áBefore it was just an ordinary song, but it gained fame when one Filipino television series used it. Due to it’s popularity, many people are using it to … Read more

Rap Song For President Duterte Is Making Rounds Online

The newly-elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte may be tough, but he has captured the hearts of Filipinos because of his compassion. One talented Filipino recorded a song for him to air his concerns about the country. Composer and rapper Jay Vincent De Guzman wrote a song entitle “Dear Duterte.” The song tackles the … Read more