Common Words You Probably Mispronouncing

common words mispronounced

Here are some common words that people often mispronounce There are common words that people probably have no idea that they are mispronouncing and here are some of them. The English language can be complex. Some words with the same spelling can be pronounced differently, depending on the meaning or the intention of using them. … Read more

30 Books You Should Read Before Its Too Late


Reading books is not a waste of time. In fact there are benefits that we can get in reading books. It is advisable that we should read books every day. By reading books it can help you to  staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia. reading books can … Read more

Here’s Why Elephants Can’t Forget Things Unlike You

Elephants symbolize strength, but that strength was severely abused by other people who think that they’re useless creatures; they are beaten just to entertain tourists at different zoos and used for riding. But elephants are more than that, because unlike we know, elephants have strong minds as animals too. They can be able to remember … Read more

These 20 Noble Teachers Are Absolutely Awesome At School

Education can never be possible without a teacher’s presence. A teacher makes the learning into action and being a teacher is the noblest profession, not just because teachers are considered heroes, but because their influence never stops. Who is your favorite teacher? Each of us has this ‘best teacher’ who inspired us more than anyone … Read more