30 Books You Should Read Before Its Too Late

Reading books is not a waste of time. In fact there are benefits that we can get in reading books. It is advisable that we should read books every day. By reading books it can help you to  staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia. reading books can […]

Heartwarming Photo Captures Netizens After It Trended Online. Here’s The Story.

Iah Bantang Seraspi may not have all that she needed when she was a student of Romblon State University, but she recently proved that your lack will not define who will you become. This photo of her tarpaulin posted outside their humble home has become viral online as it drew various reactions from netizens, all […]

Flight Safety Videos Were Often Ignored So Air New Zealand Did an Amazing Presentation

Flight Safety Videos are often ignored by most passengers especially for those who were frequent travelers for they have saw and known the procedures very. In order for the passengers to not ignore the flight safety videos, Air New Zealand demonstrated a new way of offering their flight safety video. The flight safety video of […]

Watch The ‘Shocking’ Reaction Of This Boy After Spelling The Word ‘Negus’ Correctly

It’s either you lose or win when you join a contest because most probably, you have the 50/50 chance especially when you’re too nervous and your opponents are quite impressive than you (if you thought so). And sometimes, it’s all about guts, intuition, and luck. In a spelling bee competition, you got all the chances […]

This Guy Reveals The Real Color Of The Universe As Explained By Science

If there is one thing we all curious about the creation, it would be the real color of the universe. Yes. Do you also wonder what its real color? Why do sun is color yellow? Why rainbows have seven colors? Well, there are lots of questions going around in each corner but the answer lies […]

Here’s Why Elephants Can’t Forget Things Unlike You

Elephants symbolize strength, but that strength was severely abused by other people who think that they’re useless creatures; they are beaten just to entertain tourists at different zoos and used for riding. But elephants are more than that, because unlike we know, elephants have strong minds as animals too. They can be able to remember […]

These 20 Noble Teachers Are Absolutely Awesome At School

Education can never be possible without a teacher’s presence. A teacher makes the learning into action and being a teacher is the noblest profession, not just because teachers are considered heroes, but because their influence never stops. Who is your favorite teacher? Each of us has this ‘best teacher’ who inspired us more than anyone […]

24 Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Going In Life When Everything Gets Hard

Life is hard. I know. Sometimes, we can’t help not to get confused if we can still continue with our journey. There are certain times when the weight seems so heavy and we wanted to give up holding on. And if we want to continue, we like to hear something to inspire us- words of […]

13-Year-Old Blind Girl Recites Pi For More Than 1,700 Digits And Won The National Pi Competition

Quiz bees and brain contest which are held in school are amazing to watch especially when it’s all about solving math problems or recitation of numerical figures. One renowned competition being held annually in most schools is what we called ‘Pi Day.’ Pi Day is being celebrated to commemorate the mathematical constant π (pi) and […]

This 10-Year-Old Girl Love Math More Than You Do

Let’s admit it. Mathematics is a hard subject to deal with; the numbers, formulas and equations are depressing to memorize and solve especially when you’re not specially born to be a math wizard. However, there are people who excel on this subject and takes math as their ultimate love. There are mathematicians born with high […]

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