Heartwarming Photo Captures Netizens After It Trended Online. Here’s The Story.

Iah Bantang Seraspi may not have all that she needed when she was a student of Romblon State University, but she recently proved that your lack will not define who will you become.

This photo of her tarpaulin posted outside their humble home has become viral online as it drew various reactions from netizens, all were inspired by her story.

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(Photo from Debbie Esquejo Garcia)

Being a daughter of a fisherman, Iah struggled through her college years but her determination led her to finish her course. She then surprised her schoolmates when she landed second in the teachers’ board examination.

Proving that poverty is certainly not a hindrance to succeed, Iah remains to be a humble inspiration to all students out there to strive harder to pursue their dreams.

In a testimonial speech, Iah reflected that she may have come from a poor family but she made the most out of it to improve her education.

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