33 Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Roll On The Floor From Laughter

These pictures will surely make you laugh. These funny photos are a perfect example of that, as they appear to look like normal photos, but look twice and that’s when you’ll see it. They look pretty innocent…right? Well, take a closer look and you’ll discover that everything is not quite as it seems! These photos that […]

30 Fun Facts On Screen Superheroes Then And Now

As our taste change, Yes our Superheroes changed too. But they became more realistic, strong and more powerful. Through the evolution of technology, our superheroes evolved too. A lot can happen in a few decades. Iconic heroes and villains that have been with us when we were still in childhood and through the days of […]

Jennifer Aniston Memes After Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Split, Hilarious

After Angelina Jolie filed to divorce from Brad Pitt after 2 years of marriage, the Internet just didn’t let the moment pass without memes of it featuring Brad Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston. Pitt left Aniston in 2005 after being wed in 2000, when Pitt was paired with Angelina Jolie for the movie “Mr. & Mrs. […]

15 Amazing Celebrity Face Math, The Funniest Algebra You Can Learn

There are different ways that will bring joy and happiness in your life. But some of the people were really creative in using the internet and their computers at home.  Yes,  how can we forget the importance of the Internet where you will find an access to some of the finest funny moments that brings […]

Baby Hilariously Imitates Rocky Balboa’s Iconic Workout

Young children have the attitude of copying the acts of adult. This is why people always tell you not to do something wrong in front of kids for they might follow it. Allow them only to see the good and they will grow up as good persons. This baby is also copying someone. While watching […]

This Rock Version Of “Tatlong Bibe” Will Amuse Every Filipino

“Tatlong Bibe” is a popular Filipino song usually used as a nursery rhyme. Teachers allow their young students to sing this song to make their class lively.  Before it was just an ordinary song, but it gained fame when one Filipino television series used it. Due to it’s popularity, many people are using it to […]

Must Watch: This Beat Box Duo Has Extraordinary Skills

Beat boxing is not easy and there are only a few people who can do it. Well, it requires you to have extraordinary voice and breathing skills to be able to copy a music using your own voice. And of course, you need to take an extra effort to perfect it. Ian and Josh met […]

Magician Left Simon Cowell Stunned With His Rubik’s Cube Trick

Simon Cowell is not only famous as a creator of biggest artists in the entertainment industry, but he is also known as a tough judge in singing and talent competition. And, impressing him is not easy. You must be really good in your field. This magician named Steven Brundage left Simon Cowell stunned with his […]

Rap Song For President Duterte Is Making Rounds Online

The newly-elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte may be tough, but he has captured the hearts of Filipinos because of his compassion. One talented Filipino recorded a song for him to air his concerns about the country. Composer and rapper Jay Vincent De Guzman wrote a song entitle “Dear Duterte.” The song tackles the […]

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