5 Fun & Free Road Trip Games For Children

Check Out These 5 Road Trip Games For Kids

ROAD TRIP GAMES – Here are five (5) enjoyable road trip activities for kids that won’t require any money.

Now is your chance to create cherished memories for your children during family road journeys. These adventures are all about having fun and savoring every single moment.

We’ve shared some games to kick off the excitement, including a few spontaneous gems. Continue reading to discover some sources of inspiration.

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Would You Rather? Game for Kids

Silence in the car during a road trip is hardly enjoyable, except for those engrossed in their phones or tablets. Here’s a way to spark lively conversations. The ‘Would you rather?’ game is self-explanatory – it’s a this-or-that road trip game for kids and adults. Is it fun? That largely depends on your kids. This game offers an opportunity to get to know them better.

The questions can range from amusing dilemmas like, “Would you rather be covered in slime or paint?” to more thought-provoking ones such as, “Would you rather give up your phone or give up candy?” Tailor the questions to your kids’ ages and interests.

Prepare a list of questions if necessary, and to keep the game fresh, let everyone take turns posing questions to someone else in the car. Keep this road trip game on hand for those particularly uneventful stretches with nothing to see out the window.

Spot the Sign Car Game for Kids

Extended car rides can test the patience of inquisitive youngsters, and even the most picturesque scenery can quickly become monotonous. This car game for kids offers a quick remedy. You don’t need any prior planning to initiate this enjoyable road trip game.

For instance, you can say, “Let’s find all the ‘No Parking’ signs,” and the game commences when you say, “go.” These signs can be any you come across on the road, whether it’s a Stop sign, Route Markers, Pedestrian Crossings, or School Zones.

The children can start identifying these signs and counting them until it’s time to conclude the game. If they’re unfamiliar with a particular sign, you can assist by pointing out the first one you encounter. For younger children, keep it simpler and stick to recognizable signs such as a red stop sign or a blue parking sign.

You can determine when to wrap up the game based on your children’s level of engagement, ensuring it doesn’t drag on to the point of boredom. Ultimately, the one who spots the most signs emerges as the victor.

Once Upon a Time Road Trip Games for Kids

This game is tailor-made for dreamers and storytellers. Imagination plays a crucial role in a child’s development, and this game not only fosters creativity but also promises loads of fun. If there’s a fairy tale enthusiast in your family, the ‘Once Upon a Time’ road trip game is tailor-made for them.

To get started, begin with, “Once upon a time…” and introduce a fantastical scenario, like, “Once upon a time, I visited Elsa’s castle.” The next player must continue the story, adding one sentence at a time. The game continues until you reach a conclusion (or your destination).

Consider recording these storytelling sessions as unique mementos for your family, preserving these fun moments for years to come. Document each time you play the game and build a collection of personalized family fairytales.

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Road Trip Bingo for Kids

To make this game work, you’ll need to put in some effort before hitting the road. Road Trip Bingo printables are readily available online, but you can add a personal touch to make it more captivating. Make the game as challenging as your kids can handle (but not so challenging that it leads to frustration). The goal is to keep them engaged and prevent any crankiness.

For younger children, keep it simple with items they can easily recognize, such as road signs, school buses, animals, motorcycles, or traffic cones. Older kids can explore more diverse options, like different types of street signs, brand logos, less common car models, or license plates from different states. Alternatively, you can keep it straightforward by focusing on cars of various colors.

While you could play on a phone or tablet, opting for printed bingo cards can reduce screen time without much resistance (hopefully). If you’re short on time, you can simply search for ‘Road trip Bingo for kids’ and quickly download a free sample.

Road Trip Taboo Game for Kids

No cards or guessing games here – we assure you! While this may be a road trip game for kids, it’s actually the adults who stand to benefit the most. This car game might be just what you need to keep the chatterboxes in check.

Before embarking on your journey, agree on a few taboo words (you can create a list if you like), and everyone must refrain from using those words until you reach your destination. These words could even include classics like ‘Are we there yet?’ or ‘I’m bored!’ You get the idea, right? Each time someone slips and utters a taboo word or phrase, they earn a point. However, in this game, the goal is to accumulate the fewest points by the end.

The key is to offer a tempting incentive to maintain motivation. You might need to compromise a bit because the reward should be something your kids absolutely adore. This game may not keep your children engaged for the entire trip, but it will certainly make your road trip with kids a bit more manageable.

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