Hermes Lindy – Why Many Ladies Love This Bag?

Reasons why Hermes Lindy is loved by a lot of ladies.

HERMES LINDY – This bag was released in 2007 and it comes in different sizes the reason why a lot of people love this. Here are some other facts.

When it comes to brands, one that’s been there for a long time and is still on top of the game is Hermes. One of the most iconic product from this luxury brand is Hermes Birkin Bags. The elegance, timeless design, and how each is expertly crafted by artisans speak as to why a single purchase comes with a hefty price tag.

Apart from Birkin, one of the top bags from Hermes is Lindy and there are many reasons to love about this bag.

Hermes Lindy
Photo from Hermes

Lindy was first released in 2007. It has several sizes but the most popular one is the mini Lindy in 20 cm. This particular bag was released in 2019 and one of the reasons why this is loved is because of its versatility. It has a removable strap and it slouch design makes this bag appear more casual. The long strap of a mini Lindy is definitely its true asset.

This was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier in 2006 with the original design idea from Frederic Vidal. It’s sizes are 26 cm, 30 cm, 34 cm, and 45 cm. The newest is the 20 cm which was released during the Fall/Winter 2019 Show. The smaller the size of the bag is, the more sought-after it becomes.

Among its features that proved its versatility and functionality is that it can be carried as a top bag or a shoulder bag. Typically, this bag comes in Clemence and Swift leathers in all of color plethora of Hermes. There are some made out of special materials like crocodile and ostrich “ending up in special collections such as the Verso, Éclat, Tressage de Cuir, and Himalayan variations”.

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