Hermes Bag Names – A Guide To The Top Bags

Here are some of the iconic Hermes bag names, some of the most coveted.

HERMES BAG NAMES – Here are some of the most iconic and most coveted bags from this popular luxury brand. Check the list below!

About Hermes

This luxury brand was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès when he created a harness workshop in Paris. This brand was focused on producing equestrian leather goods for European nobles. In 1900, they introduced their first bag: the Haut à Courroies (aka the HAC). This is created to carry riders’ saddles. 20 years later, the company grew and they produced several items that include accessories, clothing, handbags, and travel bags. In 1935, the Hermès Kelly was introduced and initially, this was called Sac à Dépchêches followed by Constance in 1959 and Hermes Birkin in 1984.

Hermes Bag Names

Here are some of the bags that are timeless, iconic, and most coveted

  1. Birkin – This was named after Jane Birkin, an actress and “It Girl” and this comes in many color ways, materials, and sizes. 
  2. Kelly – This embodies sophistication and elegance described as the Birkin’s older sister Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly used to use this bag to hide her pregnancy. It has two style: Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne.
  3. Constance – This is simple but luxurious. Catherine Chaillet, the designer, was pregnant when she designed this and she named the bag after her daughter. This comes in many sizes, material, and hardware combinations.
  4. Picotin – This is an equestrian-inspired bucket bag. It provides space where you can fit in all your necessities with ease. This is one of the best choices when it comes to on-the-go lifestyle.
  5. Evelyne – This has the equestrian roots of the brand. This iconic bag has perforations that form a “H” on one side allowing air to circulate inside it.

Other bags are Garden Party bags, Lindy bags, Bolide bags, Jypsière bags, Herbag, in-the-loop bag, Roulis, Verrou, Geta bag, and many others.

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