16 Coolest Gadgets And Gizmos That You Might Want To Buy A.S.A.P

The world nowadays has been filled with great inventions. Enormous gadgets have come the way and almost everything can be done in a little time. Entertainment, communication, and education can already come in a handy device. Have you ever thought about the coolest gadget that might sweep you off of your feet? In a world […]

Learn How To Make Giant Flying Balloon Without Helium

The most important ingredient in making a balloon fly is helium. But what if there is no helium available? Well, someone just figured out how to make a balloon fly without the chemical. It’s no other than the “CrazyRussianHacker.” In his latest video, this Russian man will teach you how to make giant flying balloon […]

Here’s What Will Happen If Boiled Wax Meets Water

If you are always watching videos on YouTube, you must be familiar of the channel “CrazyRussianHacker.” This popular YouTube channel became famous because of its practical and very useful life tips and tricks. But today, this channel features also science experiments. On its latest upload, the CrazyRussianHacker showed what happens when boiled wax meets water. […]

Amazing Mixture Of Chemicals Making A Blast!

Being acquainted with science wouldn’t be enough without knowing these facts. Don’t dare mixing chemicals yourself or you might see yourself in a dangerous state.   You will see in the video what happens is you will mix chemical like Cola and Clorine, which erupts like a volcano. Caesium and water that brings wonderful creation of […]

Here’s How A Single Car Can Cause A Massive Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is really one of the most irritating situations you will encounter almost every day. But do you know that aside from road constructions and unfortunate incidents, you can also cause a traffic jam with a simple mistake? In this video, a reporter will explain how a single car can cause traffic jam. It […]

Could Ice Be Formed In The Middle Of The Desert? Check Out This Interesting Experiment.

Scientifically, ice is formed when the temperature continues to drop and dips below 4 degree Celsius causing the water shrink and solidify. But could we actually transform the water into ice in the desert? With the presence of heat in the desert, it would sound impossible for one to produce an ice. But for a […]

Physicist Lets A One-Ton Wrecking Ball Swing To Himself Just To Prove A Scientific Law – Heart-Stopping

With the eagerness of people to know more and more, scientific theories and experiments have been made. Yes, we just need to see facts and proofs in order to believe something. This is what a physicist named Andreas Wahl have done to prove the “conversation law of energy. It states that “energy can never be […]

Physicist Fires Weapon On Himself Underwater – What Happened Next Is Just Unbelievable

Human beings are just always in a quest to know and discover new things. Yes, we really wanted to prove something. But, in order to achieve that, that theory must go on various experiments for proof. This is what a Physicist named Andreas Wahl have done in order to show that it would be very […]

Physicist Proves A Physics Law By Doing An Experiment Involving Himself – Unbelievable

Of all the discoveries and researches made, science is the one that’s involved in there. Science, combined with the curiosity of people, many things have been known to man. But, in order to prove these laws and theories, there should be a proof. This is what physicist named Andreas Wahl have done to prove a […]

Artist Shows Incredible Moments Bubbles Freezing In Real Time. Stunning.

Michelle would always stay at her garden. Having a look at it, she witnessed how the frost would bite at everything and how the sun would melt the snow and ice. But she is more than just someone who appreciates weather. Michelle Lynz Fritz has a unique craft and an obsession for bubbles. But her […]

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