TELEKINESIS: Facts About Moving Objects Using the Power of Mind


TELEKINESIS – Here are some facts and theoretical explanation regarding the ability to move objects using the power of the mind. Telekinesis, often referred to as psychokinesis, is a phenomenon that has captured the human imagination for centuries. The concept of moving or manipulating objects with the power of the mind alone has been a … Read more

Learn How To Make Giant Flying Balloon Without Helium

The most important ingredient in making a balloon fly is helium. But what if there is no helium available? Well, someone just figured out how to make a balloon fly without the chemical. It’s no other than the “CrazyRussianHacker.” In his latest video, this Russian man will teach you how to make giant flying balloon … Read more

Here’s What Will Happen If Boiled Wax Meets Water

If you are always watching videos on YouTube, you must be familiar of the channel “CrazyRussianHacker.” This popular YouTube channel became famous because of its practical and very useful life tips and tricks. But today, this channel features also science experiments. On its latest upload, the CrazyRussianHacker showed what happens when boiled wax meets water. … Read more

Amazing Mixture Of Chemicals Making A Blast!

Amazing Mixture

Being acquainted with science wouldn’t be enough without knowing these facts. Don’t dare mixing chemicals yourself or you might see yourself in a dangerous state.   You will see in the video what happens is you will mix chemical like Cola and Clorine, which erupts like a volcano. Caesium and water that brings wonderful creation of … Read more

Here’s How A Single Car Can Cause A Massive Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is really one of the most irritating situations you will encounter almost every day. But do you know that aside from road constructions and unfortunate incidents, you can also cause a traffic jam with a simple mistake? In this video, a reporter will explain how a single car can cause traffic jam. It … Read more