TELEKINESIS: Facts About Moving Objects Using the Power of Mind

TELEKINESIS – Here are some facts and theoretical explanation regarding the ability to move objects using the power of the mind.

Telekinesis, often referred to as psychokinesis, is a phenomenon that has captured the human imagination for centuries. The concept of moving or manipulating objects with the power of the mind alone has been a staple in science fiction.

Telekinesis has historical roots, with references extending back to ancient Greece and China. Individuals were supposed to have the ability to manipulate objects with their minds or intents in these early stories.


However, it was not until the 19th century that telekinesis became more popular in the context of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Famous individuals, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, were known to study telekinesis claims.

Despite its link to the paranormal, telekinesis has captured the interest of certain scientific experts. Experiments have been undertaken by parapsychologists, who study paranormal and psychic events, to investigate claims of telekinesis.

These experiments often involve subjects attempting to influence the movement of objects using only their minds, without any physical contact.

The majority of scientists remain highly skeptical about the existence of this phenomenon. They argue that there is no credible scientific evidence to support the claims of individuals who purport to have psychokinesis abilities.


Several individuals claimed that psychokinesis can be done with these methods:

  • Believe it
  • Daily meditation to improve your mental discipline
  • Practice visualizing objects with as much detail as possible
  • Keep practicing and be patient
  • Concentrate on small object
  • Focus your connection with an object
  • Visualize clearly how you want to manipulate the object
  • Focus your intention on the object
  • Work on feeling the energy that flows through your body
  • Try to spin a psi wheel, a pyramid-shaped folded piece of paper on a toothpick linked to a piece of foil
  • Visualize yourself moving objects
  • Switch up exercises
  • Take a rest if you feel physically or mentally tired

As of this writing, there is no enough scientific evidence that can prove the existence of this phenomena.

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