How Much Money Does Facebook Pay For 1 Million Views

How Much Money Do You Get Per 1 Million Views on Facebook?

FACEBOOK – In this article, you will know how much you earn per one million views on social media platform Facebook.

Facebook, a widely used global social media platform, had more than 2.9 billion monthly active users as of June 2021. It offers content creators the opportunity to monetize their videos through the in-stream ads program, which presents short video advertisements before, during, or after Facebook videos. These ads are carefully customized to match the video’s content and target audience, ensuring a seamless user experience.

However, estimating a content creator’s earnings for 1 million views on Facebook in the Philippines is a complex task. Various factors impact video earnings, including viewer location, ad format and placement, ad frequency and timing, performance optimization settings, and the quality and engagement of the content. By examining examples and estimates from other content creators, we can gain insight into the potential earnings range for 1 million views on Facebook in the Philippines.

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How Facebook Pays Content Creators

Typically, content creators in the Philippines can expect to earn between $0.25 and $0.40 for every 1,000 views. However, this range can vary significantly based on the factors outlined below. But before we delve into that, here are some additional explanations:

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille): This represents the cost an advertiser incurs for 1,000 views of their ad.
  • Engagement: This refers to the level of interaction a piece of content receives, such as likes, comments, or shares.
  • Impressions: This is the number of times an ad is displayed.

Facebook compensates content creators using various methods, including:

  • In-stream ads: These are brief video advertisements that appear before, during, or after a video on Facebook. They are tailored to match the video’s content and audience, providing a seamless viewing experience.
  • Branded content: This occurs when a content creator collaborates with a brand to produce a sponsored video or post. The brand pays the content creator to promote their product or service.
  • Affiliate marketing: Content creators promote products or services on their social media or website and earn commissions on resulting sales.
  • Donations: Content creators can also receive income through donations from their supporters.

The earnings of a content creator on Facebook hinge on several factors, including:

Audience size: Creators with larger followings and higher engagement can command higher rates for sponsored content and brand partnerships.

Audience engagement: Not all followers are equally engaged. Creators with smaller but highly engaged audiences may earn more than those with larger but less engaged followings.

Content type: Certain content types are more attractive to advertisers than others. Creators focusing on beauty products or fashion may earn more than those in the gaming or sports niche.

The country they are based in: The cost of living varies from one country to another, affecting creators’ earnings for the same amount of work.

Additionally, content creators’ compensation on Facebook is influenced by the specific terms outlined in their contracts with advertisers and brand collaborators.

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Examples Of Earnings From Other Content Creators

One way to estimate earnings from 1 million views on Facebook in the Philippines is by examining reported income figures from different content creators who have shared their experiences online. Here are some examples:

1. JM Nga VLOGS is a Filipino vlogger who creates comedy and lifestyle content on his Facebook page. He posted screenshots showing the earnings from some of his popular videos. According to him, a video with 1.2 million views generated approximately $32.85, equivalent to around Php1,642.5. For a video with 2.4 million views, he earned approximately $64.67, or about Php3,233.5. Meanwhile, a video with 4.7 million views brought in roughly $125.29, or around Php6,264.5.

2. The Pun Guys are a Canadian comedy duo with two Facebook pages boasting over 6 million followers combined. They shared their earnings from Facebook’s in-stream ads program with Business Insider. On average, they reported that 1 million views translated to approximately $1,000, or roughly Php50,000. However, in some cases, a video with around 1 million views could earn upwards of $1,500, or about Php75,000, depending on the CPM rate.

3. Meter Peter is a website that offers insights on various topics related to social media and online income. According to their information, in the United States, 2.1 million viewers resulted in 455k ad impressions and earnings of $2,585.25. However, if you are a viewer in the Philippines, you might earn between $0.2 to $0.4 for every 1000 views. This implies that for 1 million views, you could potentially earn around $200 to $400, equivalent to approximately Php10,000 to Php20,000.

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