Cristiano Ronaldo Got Mad, Then Did This To The Reporter.

Reporters are sometimes annoying since they will do everything to get a story. And, we all know that it’s their job. However, they sometimes crossed the line which makes the interviewee angry. Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo gets mad to a reporter and did something unexpected. When the reporter asked his side, he immediately grabbed his […]

Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Are you looking for a game that would make the family bond more? Well, you are in the right site! This made me laugh too hard. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines! In fact, I never saw and heard about this game, only to find out that this truly is challenging and really […]

Incredible Tennis Trick Shots By Serena Williams – Amazing

There are really many things that people used to love doing in the world. Some would love sports, music, cooking, and many more. In sports, people would mostly love those ones wherein balls are used. Tennis is one of them. And in order to be successful in this sport, just like the others, one needs […]

Guys Scores A Perfect 10 Flip Surf – Unbelievable

During weekends or even a vacation, many people would love to do some exciting activities just to escape from the stress at work. Many people will go to the beach and do things like surfing, Jet Ski rides, and many more. Surfing is among the most common things done at the beach especially during high […]

Check Out This Massive Lego Train Set Up. It’s Really Mesmerizing.

I’m not totally sure what to say about this massive lego train set up, but it’s totally impressive. It’s not an ordinary set up since goes through around the house. Yes, what seems to be an ordinary toy can make a thing. In this video, you will see this impressive lego train set up. It […]

This World Champion Skates In The Mountains. The Aerial View Is A Must-See.

Figuring skating is not always done in the mountains, but this Canadian World Champion named Elizabeth Putnam just tried to. And to make sure that it will be memorable, they used a helicopter to capture her graceful moves. It was truly fascinating seeing a figure skater from above. It’s not something that we always see. […]

Breathtaking Moment Paraglider Flights Through Aurora Borealis In This Rare Footage.

The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is known to be a wonderful light show produced through the collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere that collides with gases. As a result, various colored gases would light up the skies that could mesmerize anyone else. Horacio Llorens was […]

These Guys Are Definitely The Real Life Spidermen…Take A Look At These Amazing Climbing Skills.

Spiderman is known for its ability to scale walls because of its superpower. But of all the people you could see today, you must consider them as the real life spidermen, but for a record they don’t have any special power. The bouldering World Cup caters climbing experts from around the world and provide them […]

These Indian Daredevils Will Spice Up Your Day As Their Ride Upside-Down On Bikes.

The 67th Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India did not just offer splendid street performances but it also presented their special guests that put everyone at awe. In the event, they honor the French President Francois Hollande with a bizarre and stunning street performance that involved motorcycle rides. But they are more than juts […]

Kayaker Paddles Through The Extreme Rapids…Belly Up For This Exhilarating Ride.

Kayaking is an extreme water sport that most of us would want to try. It is an interesting sport but certainly not for those who can’t work with their balance over the water surface. But this guy has plentiful of that. Expertly maneuvering his way through the rapids, this guy certainly has learned all the […]

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