Olympic Sports Slang Terms

olympic sports

Here are the slang terms used for Olympic Sports Olympic Sports – The biggest sports event in the whole world which is participated by different countries and slang terms are being used in sports categories. Here are the slang terms in the Olympics, based on the article in Mental Floss. Bingo (Diving) – It is … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo Got Mad, Then Did This To The Reporter.

Reporters are sometimes annoying since they will do everything to get a story. And, we all know that it’s their job. However, they sometimes crossed the line which makes the interviewee angry. Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo gets mad to a reporter and did something unexpected. When the reporter asked his side, he immediately grabbed his … Read more

Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Most Challenging And Funniest Filipino Game Ever!

Are you looking for a game that would make the family bond more? Well, you are in the right site! This made me laugh too hard. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines! In fact, I never saw and heard about this game, only to find out that this truly is challenging and really … Read more

Guys Scores A Perfect 10 Flip Surf – Unbelievable

gabriel medina

During weekends or even a vacation, many people would love to do some exciting activities just to escape from the stress at work. Many people will go to the beach and do things like surfing, Jet Ski rides, and many more. Surfing is among the most common things done at the beach especially during high … Read more