Author: Franz Kendrich

What These Guys Did Inside Their House Was Just Jawdropping.

This summer, you might have been considering going to the beach, lake or even swimming under the majestic waterfalls. But these guys did not go anywhere when they can do something inside their house. As a matter of fact, these guys love waterfalls that much but their summer did not encourage them to go anywhere […]

Is Eating Your Hobby? Then You Should Learn These Food Tips.

Most of us love foods. When we are stresses or hungry, we tend to grab some of our delights and comfort foods to feel better. Eating has been the stress reliever for most of us. But did you know that you could actually do something to your usual foods? Yes. If you experience the usual […]

Meet the Odd Pelican That Can’t Fly or Fish. Catch How These People Teach It.

Of all the birds that you will meet today, this pelican might be the oddest one you will ever meet. Not because of its color nor its size which is pretty typical for a normal pelican but because of its inability. Rescuers have found the grown bird that is unable to fly, and surprisingly fish […]

What Else Can You Do With Fork? Check Out These Useful Tips.

Spoon and fork always go in pair. And most of time fork is essential especially when you are eating something like pasta or meat, it helps support you while slicing your bits. But more than using your fork in eating, this utensil have some other uses too. More to what you know, fork can also […]

At First Glance, This Looks Like A Simple Sculpture But Not Until The Angle Changes.

In the “Marais” district of Paris, this art work is starting to capture the attention of everyone not because of what they first depict from the figure but of what they see next. For others though, this may look like a usual sculpture and would even pass their attention to it. But for those who […]

You’ll Be Surprised How This Epic Scene Was Shot. Impressive Team Working Behind.

In the film industry, it is very essential that the producers and directors will achieve the visual contributions in the output. To be visually stunning, more the cinematography, the film should also have the visual impact through graphics. Films like showing the life and the story of the superheroes are definitely hard to finish most […]

What Can Be Made of Useless Incandescent Bulb? Check this Out.

Our incandescent lamp are very useful for our daily grind especially during at night. While we are staying up late while working onto something, may be our projects, the lights are made possible by the bulb. But the incandescent lamp could always go useless like when they no longer work for what they are designed […]

Surprisingly, You Can Make Your Own Projector Using Bulb.

A projector is too heavy and oh well a bit pricey but if you are thinking of something like that to make a fun activities—the good news is you can actually create a projector using bulb even when you are just a home. This one is simple and fun to create. Using simple materials, like […]

Style Up Your Usual Sneakers With These Creative Ways In Fastening Shoelaces.

Wearing your sneakers and shoes could sometimes look boring but eventually there is no other way to spice up your suit but to buy a new pair, but not always when you can think of some reinvention or new styles. Of course, you can start with your shoelaces. More than buying the colorful and amazingly […]

Tired Of Cutting Foam With Your Old Blade? This Is How You Make An Efficient One.

Your old blade in cutting plastic foam may have irritated you already. Don’t be stuck in that tool when you can create a more efficient tool which is economically satisfying and user friendly. This cutter is likely to an electric cutter, but you don’t have to spend a lot just to copy the effectiveness when […]

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