30 Most Heartwarming And Adorable Photos From Days Gone By

BoredPanda compiled the most heartwarming and adorable photos from days gone b. These photos are was said to be the most beautiful historic ever! These photos is said to be the best of all, as these delightful photos show that despite being from a different era, one things hasn’t changed over the years – it’s […]

30 Photos That Will Surely Touch Your Heart: ‘Pictures Worth A Thousand Words’

These photos are compiled by Bored panda to showcase to people that every phots has its own story. These photos proves that a picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal. They are gripping and unforgettable because of the volumes they speak about the human condition – about some of […]

30 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Castles

30 Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Castles that I bet you don’t know. These castles are the world’s majestic human creation. These 30 Beautiful Castles serves as the book of the world, equipped with different stories that never fails to surprise the people. Some of these castles are ones flourished but later on they were abandoned by […]

15 Historical Monuments And Shrine In The Philippines.

Philippines is known for being one of the religious country in the whole world. The country is a famous destination. Philippines is famous from its beautiful places and well known tourists spots. The country is rich in Historical  and cultural heritage is one of its attractions. Philippines is an archipelagic country that composed of 7,107 […]

PH Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Statement About How The Philippines Will Go Down In 20 Years – You Need To See This

The late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos made a statement 20 years ago about how the Philippines will go down from its status before. The Philippines is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the South-East Asian region. It’s true that the US dollar-Php rate is just so far from today, but when you look […]

Want To See The Other Side Of Hitler? Check This Out…

Each passing time is already part of the history. Some parts of the history we don’t want to remember are the one’s that gave us a bad feeling to it. One of the world’s, probably, most wicked times is in the time of Adolf Hitler, the German leader of the Nazi. Most of us know […]

This School Was Surprised To What They Found Behind The Chalkboard Hidden 100 Years Ago

The form of education has widely changed before our eyes; teachers have found several techniques to include on their teaching and that is because of technology which causes traditional form of imparting knowledge to gradually develop. It won’t be surprising that someday, the use of chalkboard will be a ‘thing of the past’. But to […]

12 Unique Photos That Shows How Strange Our World Is

A picture paints a thousand words. There’s more to say when we a photo; it speaks something more than between the lines- the pain, struggle, joy and the whole story. Our world has countless pictures to reveal and when we find time to understand its every meaning, we can surely understand how strange it is. […]

Unknown WWII Soldier Has 31 Rolls Of Undeveloped Film, Rescued Film Project Restores It

History marks everything we have right now, but there are still things we don’t know about the past that has yet to be discovered. We have heard stories from what happened to World War II but those stories lies in single life of each soldier who took the service to fight for one’s country. We […]

This Apeman Found In Brazil Claims To Be The ‘Missing Link’ Answering Our Entire Existence

Life has all been started from God’s creation, but some people believe that earthlings evolved through time- which was theorized by English naturalist Charles Darwin. He stressed out that all species have descended over time from common ancestors like us humans being born after the apes or monkeys. Darwin’s theory has not yet proven, however, […]

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