Princess Diana-John Travolta Photo: What’s The Story Behind This Image?

Princess Diana had this one wish

British royal Princess Diana and Hollywood star John Travolta had a famous photo and here is the story behind this.

The Princess was a big Grease movie fan and she wished to share the dance floor with Danny Zuko, the character played by John in the 1978 musical. In 1985, based on the article in Mental Floss, it was former First Lady Nancy Reagan who played the fairy godmother for the British royal and granted her wish.

This happened during the Princess’s first trip to the United States of America when she was just 24 years old. She was with her husband, then-Prince Charles. Former President Ronald Reagan hosted a star-studded dinner for the royal couple at the White House on November 9 that year.

princess diana john travolta

In a report released by The Washington Post, three guests were invited whom Princess Diana wanted to meet, and these guests were Clint Eastwood, Neil Diamond, and John Travolta. 

During an interview for the PBS program In Their Own Words: Princess Diana, the actor recalled what happened. He said that when it was about 10 o’clock, the former First Lady tapped him on his shoulder and said that the Princess had been dreaming of dancing with him.

John shared what the first lady told him and his answer to her. “‘The princess, her fantasy is to dance with you. Would you dance with her tonight?’ And I said, ‘Well, of course,’” he shared.

The actor admitted that his heart was pounding when he asked the Princess to dance with him. “The whole room cleared. We danced for what felt like 15 minutes,” he recalled.

It was White House photographer Pete Souza who captured the Princess and John’s moment on the dance floor. He shared that when the pair were doing their dance moves, they cut a rug to a medley of songs from Saturday Night Fever, played by the band. Princess Diana also danced with Clint Eastwood and Neil Diamond.

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