Olympic Sports Slang Terms

olympic sports

Here are the slang terms used for Olympic Sports Olympic Sports – The biggest sports event in the whole world which is participated by different countries and slang terms are being used in sports categories. Here are the slang terms in the Olympics, based on the article in Mental Floss. Bingo (Diving) – It is … Read more

Phases Of Sleep: What Happens In One Sleep Cycle?

Phases Of Sleep

Here are the different phases of sleep and what happens in each phase. PHASES OF SLEEP – Each stage in a sleep cycle plays a significant role in our sleep quality and here are it’s five (5) phases. They say dreams most likely happen during REM sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement sleep. In one … Read more

COMPULSIVE GAMBLING: Things You Need to Know About Gambling Addiction


COMPULSIVE GAMBLING – Here are some important things you need to know about this mental health condition. Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is a type of behavioral addiction characterized by an uncontrollable urge to gamble despite negative consequences or a desire to stop. It’s often considered a progressive disorder, meaning … Read more

Is Solar Eclipse Safe For Your Pets?

solar eclipse pets

Should you keep your pets inside your house during solar eclipse? A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that often catches people’s attention but some believe that this might have a different effect on animals. It is common knowledge among humans that it is dangerous to stare at the sun and it is also the same … Read more

KLEPTOMANIA: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment


KLEPTOMANIA – Here are things that you need to know about this mental health condition including its definition, causes, symptoms and treatment. Kleptomania is a mental health disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to steal items, typically objects of little or no value. People with kleptomania often experience tension or anxiety before committing theft, followed … Read more

How To Remember Dreams? Here Are Some Tips

How To Remember Dreams

These are the ways on how to remember dreams – some helpful tips. HOW TO REMEMBER DREAMS – There are different types of dreams but most of the time, we cannot remember them but here are some tips to do so. When we sleep, the scenes and images happens in the mind occurring during this … Read more

Hamburger: How This Food Got Its Name


This is how hamburger got its name Hamburger is one of the most popular foods all over the world and a famous item on fast-food menu list as well. Based on the definition from The Oxford Dictionary, this food is a backyard “barbecue staple as “a flat, round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled … Read more

Dogs With Floppy Ears

dogs with floppy ears

Here are the 12 Dogs With Floppy Ears Dogs With Floppy Ears – Here are the breeds of dogs specifically adored because of their floppy ears that get extra cute when they move around and run. 1. Basset hound – Its long ears even look lengthier because of its long face and short, muscular legs. … Read more