Fake Chanel Versus Genuine Chanel – How To Spot The Difference?

How can you tell if a bag is a fake Chanel? Here are some tips.

FAKE CHANEL – We all want to own even just one branded bag but at present time, fake ones are rampant and here are some tips on how to spot this.

They say, one of the best fashion investments is buying Chanel handbags. This is not the same as investing traditional assets but a bag from this brand that is maintained to be in a good condition can have its value increased at about 10-15% per year. Talk about appreciation!

One of the few brands that increases its value the moment it leaves the store instead of depreciating is Chanel. In the last 10 years, the demands both for retail and secondary market remained strong, hence, the increasing value.

Fake Chanel
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From the Classic Flap and Boy Bag to the one that recently debuted, there’s consistency in terms of price increase.

In terms of purchasing one, we surely do have to be really careful. If you want all your money’s worth, here are some tips on spotting a fake one like a pro:

  1. Genuine bags have authenticity code. A Chanel classic has 2.55 on the front left corner of the bag and this should match the ones inside the bag.
  2. It should have authenticity card and the card has a gold border and not rainbow effect. If the bag is made after 2005, there should be a grey circle in the top right corner. So, a bag with a serial number date before 2005 with the card that has the grey circle on it is most likely fake.
  3. In terms of the leather material, fake ones can never mimic the real ones. Lambskin leather is soft to the touch and Caviar skin has the “bubbly” appearance that is more textured. As for the quilting, if the diamond quilts are too ‘flat’ or too ‘puffy’, this is fake.
  4. Most Chanel bags have zippers from the following manufacturers:
    • Vintage bags (engraved on the front zipper slider): Eclair, circle symbol 3 CDsymbol OPTI DMC, DMC, LIGHTNING.
    • Vintage bags (engraved on the back zipper slider if the front slider is empty): CHANEL PARIS, LIGHTNING.
    • Latest bags (engraved on the front zipper slider): EP, YKK.
    • Newer bags (engraved on the back zipper slider if the front slider is empty): CHANEL PARIS, LIGHTNING
  5. If you put the bag in a surface, it should be absolutely geometric – no rises and imbalances.
  6. You can also spot a fake one through the dust bag that comes with the bag. Authentic ones have the logo written sharp, white, super centered and sticking to the original font.

Previously, Jessy Mendiola was accused of having a fake Chanel bag but with these useful tips, you know now how to spot a fake one in case you buy one!

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