Drone Captures Chilling View Of Chernobyl, An Abandoned City

Back in 1986, one of the worst Nuclear Power Plant disasters in the history, which occurred in Chernobyl has brought so much burden to Ukrainian citizens, forcing around 49,000 residents to evacuate. Until now, the City remains to be uninhabited due to the effect of nuclear explosions. Cinematographer Danny Cooke was able to capture the … Read more

Witness How Strong Women Are With These 52 Powerful And Life-Changing Photos From The History. Enough To Influence Each Of Us.

Inequality, judgment and oppression are happening in this world right after we open our eyes and get our existence acceptable to the society we’re clinging on. Most people who are subjected to this maltreatment are women, who are considered by many (especially by men) weak and incapable of doing something good for everyone’s welfare. We … Read more