History Of Internet: Know More About Internet Via Online Museum

A brief history of internet made available by an online Museum

You can know more about the history of internet timeline and other important stuff if you visit this online museum.

There are different museums that feature information about specific things like, if you want to know more about art, you can visit the art museum while for those who are interested in learning about fossils, there are natural history museums.

When it comes to knowing more about the Internet, there is no physical museum that would show you the web pages, emails, chat rooms, digital files, and other stuff that existed online.

history of internet
The American Genius

For the convenience of those who want to learn about the history of the internet, based on the article in Mental Floss, the information is made available by Internet Artifacts created by Neal Agarwal. This is hosted on his site neal.fun.

Through this portal, you can explore the internet timeline. Through notable programs, moments, and firsts, starting with an image of ARPANET, a Department of Defense computer network project that predated the internet, as it looked in 1977, you can learn how the internet started and propagated.

On this online museum, you can also learn when things started online, like the first smiley face emoticon which was introduced in 1982. Computer scientist Scott Fahlman suggested that this emoticon will tell you that a joke was posted online while he suggested that the frowny face would denote a serious post. Both these emoticons used the hyphen for their noses.

For the new generation or the Millennials, this online museum would provide a walk down memory lane. They could try the “Sign On” button on the AOL slide to hear that unmistakable dial-up noise. This was one of many sounds that today’s kids had no idea of anymore.

Among the remarkable features of the online museum is the 1994 episode of the TODAY show. In this episode, hosts Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel, and Elizabeth Vargas are utterly baffled by the “@” symbol and they are trying to figure out what the internet is.  

Internet Artifacts provide information about how the internet started and you can also learn about The History of QWERTY Keyboard & Fun Facts.

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