Top 10 Famous Urban Legends in the Philippines

URBAN LEGENDS – Here are some of the most popular myths and stories in the Philippines that drove Filipinos crazy.

For centuries, urban legends have been a part of our common mythology. These modern myths, which are sometimes based on stories or rumors, capture our attention and blur the line between reality and fiction.

Urban legends, as compared to folklore and traditional legends, generally arise in modern cities and can spread quickly due to the development of mass media and the internet. These stories are especially attracting because they frequently include a supernatural or frightening element.

Urban Legends

The origins of urban legends are often difficult to pinpoint precisely. Many legends have roots in older, traditional folklore and mythology, while others are created in response to contemporary fears, anxieties, or societal changes.

Urban legends come in many forms and cover a wide range of themes. Many of them have been passed down through generations.

Urban Legends

Here are some of the popular urban legends in the Philippines:


In the Philippines, one of the most iconic and terrifying urban legends is the “Aswang.” This creatures is said to feed on human flesh, particularly targeting the unborn through a long proboscis-like tongue. They are feared in many rural areas.

Half-Human, Half-Snake in Robinson

According to the story, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, John Gokongwei’s eldest child, has a twin brother named Robinson who is a half-man, half-snake. The Gonkongwei’s are reported to have opted to develop the Robinsons stores and malls to satisfy Robinson’s yearning for blood and flesh.

White Lady of Balete Drive

The “White Lady of Balete Drive” is said to be a vengeful spirit who appears to motorists late at night. She is often depicted as a woman in white, seeking help from passing drivers only to disappear when they stop to assist her.

Headless Priest

The story of a headless priest who haunts old churches and cemeteries is one of the famous myths in the country. It is believed that he seeks retribution for his wrongful execution or some unfulfilled mission during his lifetime.

Maria Labo

Maria Labo, said to be a woman who had gone insane, is rumored to have killed her children and cooked them for dinner.

Black Lady

A ghostly figure dressed in black who is said to appear in various places, including abandoned buildings and dark streets.

Balete Tree Spirit

The spirits residing in Balete trees are believed to have the power to possess or harm those who disrespect the tree.

Jeepney Ride

The driver picks up a passenger who requests to be taken to a cemetery. When the driver glances at the rearview mirror, the passenger has mysteriously disappeared.


The Enchanted City of Biringan is said to be located somewhere in Samar. According to legend, this city is both the engkantos’ home and a portal to another world.

Tiniente Gimo

Teniente Gimo was a real-life lieutenant in the Philippines during the Spanish rule. Gimo was believe to be the first aswang in the country, hailing from Dueñas, Iloilo.

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