Top 10 Scariest & Most Haunted Places in the Philippines

Most Haunted Places

Here are the top 10 scariest and most haunted places in the Philippines that you might consider visiting. The Philippines is a nation located in the heart of Southeast Asia that captivates travelers with its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Comprising 7,641 islands, this archipelago nation offers interesting landscapes, traditions, and experiences. … Read more

Top 10 Famous Urban Legends in the Philippines

Urban Legends

URBAN LEGENDS – Here are some of the most popular myths and stories in the Philippines that drove Filipinos crazy. For centuries, urban legends have been a part of our common mythology. These modern myths, which are sometimes based on stories or rumors, capture our attention and blur the line between reality and fiction. Urban … Read more

7 Popular Brands of Soft Drinks in the Philippines

Soft Drinks

SODA BRANDS – Here are the seven popular brands of soft drinks in the Philippines that have been quenching the thirst of Filipinos for decades. Soft drinks or also known as sodas, pop, or carbonated beverages, have become a part of modern culture. These flavorful concoctions are enjoyed by people of all ages and are … Read more

Nacpan Beach In Palawan, Philippines Is The Most Beautiful Beach

Palawan in the Philippines was named as the most beautiful island in the world. And, it’s not surprising that you can also find the most beautiful beach there. Planning to go to Palawan? This beach should be in your bucketllist. According to travel vlogger Christian Leblanc, Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan is the most … Read more

Philippine Jeepney Rides On California Freeway – Must See

Philippine jeepney

The Philippines is such a unique country in the South East Asian region. It has a colorful history, culture, and nice people. When the Americans colonized the country, they left military jeeps and in time, these were converted by Filipinos into a really iconic kind of transportation – the jeepney. In Manila, and in almost … Read more

Should You Rinse Rice Before Cooking? Take A Look

In countries like the Philippines, rice is the number one staple food. Most people, especially in the Asian countries can’t live without eating rice together with a certain viand. Mostly, rice is being boiled and steamed. For some left over rice, they are being fried. Photo credit: Organicfacts Rice is a great source of carbohydrates … Read more