Olympic Sports Slang Terms

Here are the slang terms used for Olympic Sports

Olympic Sports – The biggest sports event in the whole world which is participated by different countries and slang terms are being used in sports categories.

Here are the slang terms in the Olympics, based on the article in Mental Floss.

Bingo (Diving) – It is used to convey that all the judges have given a dive the exact same score.

olympic sports
Kreed On

Bacon (Cycling) – This term is for any scrapes or road rash a cyclist gets during a crash.

Bagel and Double bagel (Tennis) – This means that a tennis player wins a set six games to zero.

Bell lap (Track) – Officials ring a bell to remind the runners that they’re entering the last lap, thus the name bell lap.

Chicken wing and Pancake (Volleyball) – Chicken wing is the term used when you bend your arm in the shape of a chicken wing to make contact with the volleyball while pancake is a save in which your palm hits the floor just in time for the ball to bounce off the top of your hand.

Dead ball (Table tennis) – It is a ball with no or almost no spin on it.

Death cookies and Chocolate chips (Skiing and Snowboarding) – Death cookies is the slang term for avalanches and grooming machines tend to churn up snow that sometimes freezes into hazardous chunks while chocolate chips are for rocks sticking out of the snow.

Flutz (Figure skating) – This term is from Lutz, a figure skating move in which you skate backward on the outside of one skate and then tap the front of the other skate’s blade on the ice to help you push off into a spinning jump. “Flutz” happen when if you do it from the inside of your skate as this move gives you difficulty in staying on the outside of your skate as you transition into the jump.

Hammer and Brick (Curling) – Usually, a curling game has eight or 10 ends, and teams alternate to deliver eight stones (per team) during each end. Brick or the hammer is used for the last stone delivered.

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