Amazing Mixture Of Chemicals Making A Blast!

Being acquainted with science wouldn’t be enough without knowing these facts.┬áDon’t dare mixing chemicals yourself or you might see yourself in a dangerous state.


You will see in the video what happens is you will mix chemical like Cola and Clorine, which erupts like a volcano. Caesium and water that brings wonderful creation of colors, copper and iron sulfate undeniably forms like sponge, soap and milk and colors which you could actually make an activity for your child’s development of creativity skill.

Mercury thiocyanate and fire tends to create a different entity perhaps. Lithium and fire which create an astonishing formation like a glooming stone from space. Cuttlefish and sodium bring the sea element moving alive. Calcium and fire making you wonder where those things coming out, would may come from. These are undeniably few of the mysteries the earth keeps.

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