Disney Movies & TV Shows Have These Weird Things In Them

Disney movies and TV shows are enjoyed by a wide range of audience

Did you know that there are weird things that can be seen in your favorite Disney movies and television shows?

Disney is a highly acclaimed production company that is behind hit movies and TV series that are well-loved by many people. The company is known for its wholesome image. Its movies and television movies cater to the family appeal.

However, based on the article in Mental Floss, there are movies and TV shows of Disney that have weird things in them with hidden meanings.

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Logo Design

The naughty moment of Simba in The Lion King

This animated movie was released in 1995. In the scene in which an adult Simba flops down on the edge of a mountain, a cloud of dust appears to have spelled out “s-e-x” and this angered the parents. Tom Sito, one of The Lion King’s animators, explained that it was “SFX” meaning sound effects. Disney removed the cloud of dust when the movie was released on streaming platforms.

“We Love You, Satan” in The Santa Clause

In the rebooted version, the first season’s third episode, titled “​​Into the Wobbly Woods,” a group of elves greet Santa with a joyous dance but the sign that they were holding spelled out: “We Love You Satan.

Product Placement of Apple Inc. in Pixar Movies

One example was in Monsters, Inc., Mike Wazowski celebrates being on the cover of “Business Shriek” magazine after the success of his new business with Sulley and the back of the magazine showed an ad for a new computer with the slogan “Scare Different,” which was a play on Apple’s “Think Different” ad campaign from 1997.

Cars featured adult humor

A truck stop Top Down in the fictional town on Route 66 called Radiator Springs, advertises that it has “all convertible waitresses.” The adult humor meant that this truck stop had all “topless” waitresses.

Illuminati Ties to Ducktales

Scrooge waits for his doctor in an exam room. In the background, an eye chart reads, “Ask About The Illuminati,” in “Yuppy Ducks” from season three of Ducktales.

Alleged “Mark of the Beast” in the logo

Conspiracy theorists argue that the W in “Walt,” then, the swirl over the letter and the curve in the letter y in Disney resemble the hidden “666”.

One of the Disney movies with a great story is The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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