Disney Movies & TV Shows Have These Weird Things In Them

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Disney movies and TV shows are enjoyed by a wide range of audience Did you know that there are weird things that can be seen in your favorite Disney movies and television shows? Disney is a highly acclaimed production company that is behind hit movies and TV series that are well-loved by many people. The … Read more

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Facts About This Disney Movie

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame has these amazing facts The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was released in 1996, is one of the classic animated films presented by Disney. Here are some of the amazing facts about this animated musical movie. Frollo’s job was changed  Based on the article in Mental Floss, in the original … Read more

36 Photos Of Disney Characters Imagined As Humans

Another artist became known after she created an art about the famous Disney characters imagined as humans. The post went viral after Dusney fans shared her worked over the social media.  The Viral post went viral over the socal media. ou will be  amzed how the artist transformed the famous disney characters to as Humans. … Read more

Some Cartoon Characters Are Actually True

Some Cartoon Characters Are Actually True

In most of the Disney films, one of the awaiting revelation is the characters who will bring the excitement in the movie. We seclude ourselves to the idea that those are fictional characters, yet here are the amazing revelations will make you think. Ironically, we really prefer to watch these cartoons, rather thank the real … Read more