13-Year-Old Blind Girl Recites Pi For More Than 1,700 Digits And Won The National Pi Competition

Quiz bees and brain contest which are held in school are amazing to watch especially when it’s all about solving math problems or recitation of numerical figures. One renowned competition being held annually in most schools is what we called ‘Pi Day.’

Pi Day is being celebrated to commemorate the mathematical constant π (pi) and is observed on March 14 (since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π in decimal form). In this celebration, various contests are observed like pie eating, throwing pies walks a pi, Albert Einstein birthday celebration and of course Pi recitation.  Last year, 13-year-old blind girl Rachel Ooi from Hendersonville Tennessee won the contest.

Cool! How did she do that? Rachel was able to recite 1,700 digits of pi and according to her brother, she listens to a video about the pi recitation and she strangely memorizes it. Unbelievable!

Want to try? You too can, so start memorizing a hundred digits of pi from now on. Just kidding!

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