Author: Edmund Kelly

This Ballet Dancer Perfected Selfies While Floating in the Air

Selfies are considered as one of the hottest trend on social media but what this ballet dancer did was more than extra-ordinary as he was able to perfect his selfie routine captured while he was airborne. Mickael Jou considered himself as a unique self-portraitist and decided to combine photography and dance together. In order to […]

This Woman Was Chased by Police But When Apprehended what She Did Was Unexpected

A woman who was involved in a high-speed chase against the Los Angeles police caught the internet by storm after a video of herself being apprehended went viral online. The interesting part of the video was when the police cornered the suspect, instead of surrendering to the officers, what she did was really unexpected. Police […]

Scientists Searched 30 Years and Finally Found the Rarest Animal in the World

There is indeed a mystery of the deep as scientist revealed recently that they have been searching for the rarest animal in the world for more than 30 years and finally they found it. According to Peter Ward, a biologist at the University of Washington, they first spotted the Allonautilus scrobiculatus in 1984. For more […]

This Kid Received his Greatest Birthday Gift a Real Transforming Birthday Cake

Kids really loved the characters of the blockbuster Transformers movie as what this young kid asked his parents for a gift, in particular the young boy wants a Transformers birthday cake for his 6th birthday party. The parents tried to best to give their kid the greatest presents on his birthday. Instead of just making […]

Billboards Are Considered by Motorists as Eye Sore But Not These Creative Ads.

Billboards are considered as attention grabbers particularly in major streets and highways but what will happen if someone from the billboard company thinks of something unusual and add humor to the popular billboard. The billboards below got a lot of attentions not only by commuters by netizens who took notice of the creative but funny […]

These Movies Were Box Office Hit But You Will Be Surprise with Some Unscripted Scenes.

Hollywood movies are considered as almost perfect especially with those blockbusters that dominated not only the American box office but also the worldwide box office results but there are some instances in movies that the directors made an improvised scenes. Most movie actors followed the script so portray that they were indeed the real thing […]

Superman Protects the Sky of London with the Aid of a Drone

The city of London is considered as one of the safest place on Earth but most people doubt their safety while on the streets so this guy came up with an idea of protecting the skies of one of the world’s most crowded city. With the use of a drone assisted by a toy superman, […]

Miley Cyrus Disguised as a Reporter and Was Surprised with the People’s Reaction About Her.

Miley Cyrus is considered as one of the most recognized not only in America but also in the world but what will happen if she goes to the street and interview some people to know what they think about the controversial singer. Miley Cyrus was invited by Jimmy Kimmel to take part an I Witness […]

What Will Happen If Harry Potter is a Villain? This Video Will Tell Us His Secrets.

Harry Potter is considered as one of the most well-known and favorite heroes among teens but what will happen if the Potter we love will become a villain. This video will tell us the hidden secrets of Harry Potter if he will portray the role of a villain. Not everyone loves Harry Potter as what […]

This Screaming Marmot Tried to Intimidate Somebody But Nobody’s Afraid. Find Out Why?

A chubby marmot was found by some hikers while trekking up Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. In order to intimidate the hikers, the little marmot screams loudly but the animal couldn’t understand why the human intruders were not afraid of the loud screaming. The main reasons why the humans weren’t afraid with the marmot’s […]

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