What Will Happen If Harry Potter is a Villain? This Video Will Tell Us His Secrets.

Harry Potter is considered as one of the most well-known and favorite heroes among teens but what will happen if the Potter we love will become a villain. This video will tell us the hidden secrets of Harry Potter if he will portray the role of a villain.

Harry Potter

Not everyone loves Harry Potter as what this particular YouTube channel did, they were able to showcased Potter as the enemy and decided to rejig the films to make Harry look more Voldermort than Chosen One.

A parody video created by comedy YouTube channel Bloodblitz, they were able to feature Harry Potter as the villain in one of their most impressive video.

Aside from the YouTube Channel who thought that Harry is the villain, some of the characters in the movie called him “vicious” as what Professor McGonagall told Harry. One of the character of movie Ron also called Harry Potter as “murderous, raving lunatic,” in one of its episode.

Here’s a Closer Look of Harry Potter as a Villain:

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