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30 Jewelry Pieces That Harry Potter Avid Fans Will Surely Love

Harry Potter has surely many avid fans around the world. When his movies came out, it has undeniably became an international phenomenon that the world loved to watch. Are you a Harry Potter avid fan or do you know someone who is? Buying yourself or giving that special person a Harry Potter-inspired gift would surely […]

30 Harry Potter-Inspired Gifts That Will Surely Make Any Potterhead Happy

There are people who are really fond of Harry Potter and have even watched all of its series. Most of them are kids though there are also adults who wished to experience the school of the wizards. Harry Potter is undeniably one of the magical icon in history. His story has left a mark though […]

Harry Potter Film Mistakes That You Shouldnt Miss

Harry Potter film mistakes that you never noticed in the movie.   Harry Potter is a British film series based on the Harry Potter novels by author J.K. Rowling. There are four directors who worked on the series and all eight movies had their screenplays written by Steve Kloves. the Production took over the years […]

These Movies Were Box Office Hit But You Will Be Surprise with Some Unscripted Scenes.

Hollywood movies are considered as almost perfect especially with those blockbusters that dominated not only the American box office but also the worldwide box office results but there are some instances in movies that the directors made an improvised scenes. Most movie actors followed the script so portray that they were indeed the real thing […]

What Will Happen If Harry Potter is a Villain? This Video Will Tell Us His Secrets.

Harry Potter is considered as one of the most well-known and favorite heroes among teens but what will happen if the Potter we love will become a villain. This video will tell us the hidden secrets of Harry Potter if he will portray the role of a villain. Not everyone loves Harry Potter as what […]

Have A Peek At Some Beautiful Illustrations Of New Harry Potter Books

Watch out, Potter lovers! Harry Potter is back, and this time with colorful illustrations to feast your eyes. Though Harry Potter series ended, it seems like more people still want for its comeback (because we all love it), and through the help of award-winning illustrator Jim Kay, rereleasing of the book is not an issue. […]

‘Harry Potter’ Can Do Something More Than Just Being A Wizard

Daniel Radcliffe is popularly known as the ‘Harry Potter’, the young wizard who served as the main character in the book series-turned-movie sequel ‘Harry Potter’ which was written by renowned author J.K. Rowling. We all knew him- a good-looking guy with some brilliant acting skill. But behind that skillful presence in acting on a big […]

Harry Potter Star Looks Like A Demon With That Horns! This Is Quite Interesting!

What is the movie that you would always watch over and over again? Most of us would like watching action movies with great cinematic effects during trailer, because it will really excite us to know the story. But there are also people who love watching mythical or magical fantasy movies. If you are a fan […]

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