This Ballet Dancer Perfected Selfies While Floating in the Air

Selfies are considered as one of the hottest trend on social media but what this ballet dancer did was more than extra-ordinary as he was able to perfect his selfie routine captured while he was airborne. Mickael Jou considered himself as a unique self-portraitist and decided to combine photography and dance together.


In order to showcased that the artist really did a good job of combining photography and dance together. The results of his awesome skills improvised fairy self-portraits.

According to Mickael Jou’s plan, he wanted to take a total of 365 dance portraits and revealed the he is already working for three years and intends to spend another 3-4 years collecting images.

Here are Some of the Most Incredible Works of Mickael Jou:









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H/T: BoredPanda

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