What Could These Kids Be Doing In The Rooftops? Seem To Found A Playground.

For our drone video for today, this might be one of the strangest footage a drone could record while taking a higher flight and something intriguing too.

Apparently, it was a fine day with good weather. Nothing to worry about letting the drone to take some tour and record aerial videos. But what seemed to be a cool day turned into something more animated.

This is when the drone capture local kids climbing buildings and running across the roofs. I just don’t know if these kids are up for finding a good playground or for something else.

And when these kids realized that they are followed after by the drone, the action seemed to become more exciting. And the drone gave a little more of thrill as it chase after them.

What do you think are those kids doing there? Thank you so much for dropping by. Kindly visit us more often for some more of our incredible stories and latest drone footage. Have a nice day.

Video from Droneout

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