This Town in Canada is Seemingly in Apocalypse As Huge Fire Takes Over.

As inferno rages in this town in Canada, wall of fire and smoke have risen into the skies of Fort McMurray, the inferno swallowing the parts of the city.

Authorities have already ordered the evacuation of the residents while the state of emergency across the province was declared in the same day. Since Sunday, the wildfire had already torched more than 24, 000 hectares while the cause was not yet identified.

Heated winds and dry conditions encouraged over 88, 000 people to leave the Canadian City in fear that the fire will continue to grow. While some structures were also eaten, a firefighter shared that a whole subdivision is gone. In this video, the apocalyptic condition of this town is a nightmare. While the authorities continue to collect support and help to contain the fire, the strong winds seem to cooperate well with the wildfire.

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Video from In The Now

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