7 People You Meet on an Airplane Who Might Be Your Annoying Neighbor

Any flight can be ruined just by sitting next to a stinking, snoring and talkative neighbor.

The Sleeper

But what kind of people might turn your travel into a misery.

Watch the video below.

According to the clip courtesy of Jason Horton, 7 kinds of people that you meet on a plane are the following:

1. Paranoid- A passenger who always goes on panic. As if he/she thinks that something might happen to him/her on the airplane or to the airplane itself.
2. The Sleeper- One of the annoying things that might happen to you is being used by your neighbor as pillow.
3. The Complainer- A passenger who always complain.
4. The Oversharer- One who shares too much stories.
5. The Talker- Someone who is fond of talking (common).
6. The Spoiler- Will annoy you especially if you are fond of watching top-rating series or movies.
7. Yourself?

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