Dogs Barking At Nothing: What’s The Reason Behind This?

Dogs barking at nothing could be a wonder for many people

Dogs Barking – Do you ever wonder why your pet dog would bark at nothing? Here is the reason behind this gesture.

A dog is perceived as a man’s best friend. This animal is one of the most popular pets that people have all over the world. Even though the relationship between man and dog can be strong, inevitably, the dog’s gesture can still be a puzzling thought to a man.

One of the common gestures that dogs have is that they bark at nothing. Based on the article in Mental Floss, the dog is not hallucinating or communicating with interdimensional beings when they bark at nothing.

dogs barking
The Conversation

American Kennel Club explained that it’s not really unprompted at all. It is just that humans are not able to perceive what the dog is sensing that would prompt it to react by barking.

Dogs have superior hearing, including the ability to detect sounds that are higher in pitch. It is theorized that when a dog is barking, it is most likely that it hears a noise that a person nearby wouldn’t be able to hear.

During the night, when it seems that no factor could provoke the dog, the explanation is that it might be because ambient noise is lessened. They might be more accustomed to various howling and barking of other dogs. This animal can be territorial and one dog barking can prompt other dogs to bark as well.

Dogs can also see better in the dark than humans. They can get more light into their retinas. When they bark at nothing in the backyard something may have caught its attention. It could be a wild animal or a stranger.

At times, dogs can be just experiencing boredom when they bark at nothing or they are trying to get the attention of their owner.

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