Aubrey Miles Owns Rare Plant That Made Her Acquire Property

There’s money in being a “plantita” and Aubrey Miles can attest to this.

Famous Philippine personality Aubrey Miles shared in an interview that she earned a hefty amount when she sold this rare plant.

During the pandemic, a lot of people became a “plantita” or “plantito”. Taking care of plants delivered therapeutic feelings to them and it looks like all the investments are now bearing fruit for certified celebrity “plantita” Aubrey Miles.

Aubrey Miles

Being a dedicated plant-lover, Miles built a greenhouse for her collection which now has over 100 species. During the pandemic, she made headlines because of her awesome collection that includes not just any type. She’s more into collecting the rare ones. She goes for high-ticket plants as her investments and not just for decorations.

Previously, in an interview, she shared that because of being a “plantita”, she was able to acquire properties.

The most expensive plant purchase she made was worth Php 300,000.00 but spent almost a million for a single plant. It’s accordingly a rare plant that is from Brazil. Despite the huge amount, she sure can earn more by growing more of the same kind. This plant is the Spiritus Sancti and each leaf costs Php 200,000.00 to Php 300,000.00 each.

Spiritus Sancti

A real botanical treasure indeed!

With her profits from propagating the rare and expensive plants, she was able to buy properties. Miles bought a property in Antipolo – her “KATAS NG HALAMAN” as parts of this investment came from her plant business.

About Spiritus Sancti

This is a rare plant that has a distinctive elongated triangle shape. This is found only in Brazil in the state of Espirito Santo near the town of Domingos Martins. The plant is even regarded now as endangered and near extinction

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