Lee Cross’ Baby Animals, Dragons That Look Like Real Ones, Cuties!

Though artists might be unitedly described as people who have enormous skills and talents when it comes to art, each of them possibly has his or her own unique field of expertise. Artist Lee Cross has indeed a unique one as she makes baby animals and dragons that look very real. Based on her post […]

32 Funny Animal Facts That I Bet You Didn’t Know

We love reading the crazy, cool, strange, weird, odd and funny information about animals. But these photos shows the facts and other interesting animal information that will expose the truth about the animal kingdom! Learning about animals is great fun.  Whether it’s endangered African animals, sea animals, wild animals or pets, there are so many […]

15 Beautiful Animals That You Should Beware Of, They Can Cause Harm

There are animals that are really appealing to the eyes. It might be because of their colorful skins or feathers, the smallness of their size, or their fluffy fur. Humans, most especially animal lovers, would surely want to touch and cuddle them. Do you know that there are animals that may be good to see […]

These 52 Happiest Animals in the World Will Leave You with No Choice but to Smile

Happiness is a choice; we can choose to be happy no matter what situation we are facing. But there are several studies which shows that happiness can also be contagious. So if you’re feeling down today and you’ve chosen to be unhappy, try to take a look at some of the happiest animals in the […]

Adorable Husky Mom Plays With Her Pups In The Most Fun Way

When we talk about having a pet, then having a dog is probably would be your choice. You know that feeling when you have a dog that always give you comfort and happiness. Though it’s been a cliché to hear that dogs are “Man’s Best Friend” but it’s really the fact, they are really the […]

You Shouldn’t Give Dogs Chocolate No Matter What – Here’s The Shocking Reason

Many people just have a pet at home. Most of them would have a dog, right? Dogs are really amazing pets. That’s why they are given much care, love, and attention. We feed them right with healthy food. In short, we’re treating them just like us, humans. But, not all the food that we can […]

Aritst Creates Mind-Blowing Body Paintings That Will Surely Mesmerize You

Art can be done in any from and in any genre. Many artists prefer paint and canvas. Another type of painting that is just as interesting as the paint in canvas art is body painting. This is what a 27-year-old British artist named Emma Fay have done. She paints colorful photos of animals and other […]

You Might Not Believe That These Animals Exist – This Is Something You Need To See

The Earth is such a beautiful place. There is so many things that will make us wonder and be amazed. From trees to the different creatures, we will just say, “Wow!”. Because of the vastness of the land and water, there are also vast numbers and kinds of animals living in this world. Many of […]

Incredible Nature-Painted Cats That You Will Surely Fall In Love With

There so much beauty in nature that many of us haven’t seen. From animals, trees to landscapes, there’s so much in nature that will surely surprise us. Pets at home really give us joy and peace most of the time. Not only that, we just love watching them play. How about pets like cats which […]

These Monkeys Seem To Make Women Envious With Their Pouty Red Lips – Unbelievable

There are many wonders in our world that surprises us every time. Because of the vastness of the species of animals roaming the Earth, no wonder we are being amazed by some which we saw the first time. In our society, women are very hooked into beauty regimens. They put lip sticks and other make-ups […]

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